Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rained Out ..Surgery Tomorrow

Well the best laid plans of man and mice! We had a huge storm front move in last night at about 8:00 and it thundered and threw lighting bolts and rain till late into the night. This morning it is still raining and looks like it might move out today. All plans for fireworks and hamburgers out the window.......... We never go to the park for the 4th, too many people but we were invited to sit sit in families yard that is near the lake and watch, but not this year. I am ok with it but there were a lot of disappointed people at the park. Had to grab their stuff and run!

We have a barbecue planned here today but not sure if we will continue with those plans. The pool has 1" of cold rain and the back yard is sooooooooo muddy. I guess we will wait and see how the morning goes.

My sweet DH goes into surgery tomorrow at noon. We wanted to get this over with and get him on the road to recovery. He is pretty miserable with the pain so time to get it fixed. Good news about all of this he will be home for two weeks. We are planning a little get a way toward the end of the week and just take a couple of days and drive. I soooooooooo look forward to that!

So please whisper a little pray for him tomorrow , I would appreciate that.

Have a good week gals and I will post later in the week.............



  1. Denise,

    Sorry that your plans for the 4th were ruined. The same happened to us on Canada Day, but it did stop in time for the fireworks.

    Dennis is on my prayer list and will continue to pray for him until he is completely healed.


  2. All the best for the surgery

  3. Praying all goes well for surgery.
    It rained here the night before the 4th and the morning of the 4th but stopped at noon and was pretty the rest of the day.
    Hugs Grams

  4. Hi sorry Mother Nature rained on all the fun for yesterday...hopefully you will be able to barbeque today.

    Sending good thoughts, and I will have you and Dennis in my prayers as in has his surgery. hugs, Linda

  5. Oh Rain...I do understand the best laid plans though...sorry for your disappointments.
    We stayed in the kids want nothing to do with crowds oar the noise of the fire works. We went to the public pool and they closed it an hour before advertised...we got all of 45 minutes wet. It was just enough for me though. We watched Charlot's Web on the computer.
    We all sacked out around 9 p.m. just as the bombs and bang hit. The dogs came in to keep them safe and calm.

    It was so noce to go to bed early and get some needed sleep.
    At 3a.m. however I was wide eyed to a dream of a niece that left me interceeding and concerned. Concerned enough to get up. I stayed in our closet and ironed shirs for two hours or so.
    Thought alot of that Wilkersons thing and drummed up the courage and wisdom to speak about it to my Beloved. We must find a better balence. I am often perseaved as a bit prudish. I just so want to do what is right. Oh please pray...
    As I too will be praying for you and Dennis as the process of healing proceeds for him.
    Tell him to get or ask for an injection for nausea at the end of surgery BEFORE he wakes up...this will speed him on through the recovery room.

  6. Praying for your man!
    And the ones who will be serving the Lord with their hands.

  7. So sorry to hear that you had rain on the 4th...We were fortunate and got to go to the fireworks with our daughter and her family and of course my parents. They are still here until the 18th!!
    I will try to remember you hubby tomorrow..It is also my mother's birthday....she is turning 85


  8. We had a cookout on the 4th and took some of the grandkids to see was the perfect weather!! 'Sorry that yours was rained on....

    Praying that your hubby's surgery goes well and he will be back on the road to recovery will soon...


  9. O, I wish I was there when it rained, you know how I love rain, thunder & lighting, it makes me happy, but...I'm sorry your 4 of July plans got ruined! What time is your hubby surgery? so I can stop at that time and whisper my prayer.
    Love ya bunches & bunches~

  10. Wishing your hubby well with his surgery. Thank you for your prayers and support.

  11. I'm praying for his surgery and recovery! I hope you have a wonderful weekend drive!

  12. You and Dennis are very much in my prayers. I love you.

  13. Always praying for you and your family....

  14. How is Dennis doing? I hope your enjoying the time together.

  15. You have been such a sweet friend to check up on me while I've been out of commission. Thanks so much; it is appreciated, dearie.

    Sorry about the weather ruining things in your area-we had gorgeous weather for a change.
    Hoping all went well with your hubby. Will check back later on in week.

  16. Hey Girl,
    Thanks so much for the Birthday card and wishes! Love you bunches!
    How did your husband's surgery go?


!-- gt;