Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just A Stone's Throw

This is what we woke up to yesterday. Seems that someone or several someones decided to tour the neighborhood Sunday night and see how much damage they could do. We called the Sheriff and I know most of the guys and they took pictures and made a report. Seems that many houses in our area were vandalized and a lot of the homes had windows broken out. Back glass and front glass broken. Now tell me why in the world people would want to do this.
We are just glad it was not any worse than it was.

We will take the car to the shop on Monday, the insurance company is paying for the window.
Right now it is all taped up with duck tape!

Bunch of hoodlums I am guessing.

Look at the glass everywhere!

Here is the rock and if you look up past the rock you will see where one of the plastic lids that cover little storage spaces has been broken off. Big rock! I guess about the size of a good size grapefruit. Nothing like that around here so I guess they just brought their own rocks! At least they had forethought!

Well girls (and guys) I am going to be working with Dennis for the next 10 days or so. He is still struggling to get over his surgery and he has to go back to work. He works at the University here in town and he is a computer guru. He builds smart classrooms, and he has built 68 or so in the 8 years he has worked at the University.

A smart classroom is a classroom with a very large podium and in that podium is all the computer elements for that room. Computer, VCR, DVD player, speakers, overhead projector and other elements that I am most likely forgetting. Anyway, he builds all these rooms with electronic screens and hangs everything in the room and programs the computers in the podiums. These rooms are very nice and the teachers just love them. There is a control panel on the podium and all the teachers need to do is push buttons!

Anyway, they have to have 12 new ones before school starts and they have hired a company out of Oklahoma City to do 6 of them but the other 6 must be finished before school.

Soooooooooo, I have been out at the college the other day helping load and unload boxes and boxes of equipment for my sweet DH. Now we have to install everything in the rooms and put the projectors up and the speakers in the walls........ He has so much to do, so I am going back to college, so to speak! I will be holding the ladder and moving the ladder and handing him stuff and just keeping him company and making sure he does not pick up something that might hurt him. I guess for the next 10 days or so I will be out of pocket. I think we will work right through the weekend.

I need to give the Home Health a call and see if they can come out and check on Mom and Dad once a day while I am out of pocket. So if you wonder where I went, that is where you can find me.

I have toyed with the idea of going back to college but this is not the way I thought it would be! ahah!

I have such a cute picture of my sweet Dennis. This is a week after his surgery and we took an afternoon and drove up to IHOP. We love their omelets! We had to have a dogie bag.

How I love that man!


  1. Perhaps the glass shop needed income????????????

    I love you girl. Enjoy your time with him. This is a gift to get away that was your heart right :) to get a way with him
    Ya know Gods ways are so much higher than our ways :)

    pay attention perhaps your suppose to learn something being as He has you in college after all:) ha

  2. OHHHHHH how awful! Some people can be so shameful! I am so sorry about this happening in your neighborhood. I hope your husband gets on his feet soon! I will keep you in my prayers. I am so sorry i havent been around to read my blogger friends blogs. I will try and be better at making the rounds.

  3. So sorry this happened, praying for you my friend.

  4. Oh dang girlfriend! This sux! It's a shame there are no witnesses. What a downer. Thank goodness for insurance...but still!

  5. Denise, this is so mean spirited, why to people do this? I'm sorry this happened...but like you say, it could have been worse and thank goodness for insurance.

    Enjoy the days helping your sweet hubby. I know you'll be like a mama bird making sure he doesn't doing something he shouldn't...hugs, Linda

  6. well the nerve of those hoodlums! Do they not know they threw rocks at angels? Those hoodlums must not have a life, maybe you could show them a better one! This time you'll have with this love of yours is all for a reason, and who knows who you'll life you'll touch while being there? I love IHOP too! their specialty pancakes are the bomb! as well as their oj.
    LOVE & HUGS~

  7. Sorry for the vandalism...had that happen myself before...

    I agree with the comment about you having this time with your DH...maybe it's not exactly in your place of choice or doing what you really wish, but it will be time together...

    Great picture!

  8. Yikes! So sorry about your car window... Someone keyed Karen's car years ago and it was new then...
    I haven't been to IHOP for years but their food is so good !! Hugs, Grams

  9. OK...that's just horrible..what is it with people these days..no respect for other peoples property.

    Have fun with hubby...ya, that is a different way of going back to college..lol!

    Have a wonderful weekend...hugz.

  10. Denise,

    Your sweet DH is a keeper, I'm thinking. I'm glad you are going to be able to spend some time with him and lend him a hand, though I will certainly miss you.

    I do hope you can get someone to look in on your parents while you're busy at the college.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Take care of you while your helping your good looking hubby work!! Don't over do!! I will be praying for you:)
    God Bless:)

  12. I just don't understand that type of behavior ... what pleasure could it bring someone.

    I bet it will be fun working together.

  13. Ahhhh your DH is so blessed to have you.

  14. OH, I forgot, sorry about your van.

  15. Glad that you did not have rain on top of the rock! I am sorry you were a target of someones stupidity.

    Have fun with your man....I know he will enjoy having you around.

  16. I so agree with Donette...Maybe God just wants for you to have a get away with your hubby. Believe me it is the best way...I can see why you love him. He looks like a very nice man!! I love my man too and that is such a blessing as so many marriages never make it. We are going on 46 years now..wow!!
    Glad to be home but had a great time. We just got home yesterday afternoon. I need to blog and have been very busy and not able to really.
    Take care and come back when you can..Don't over do yourself.

  17. I'm so sorry about your vehicle!!

    well, now!! Going back to college, huh?!? :o)

    At least you'll be spending time with your hubby....

    Have a great weekend!


  18. Denise, I'm sorry about your car. That happened to us about 20 years ago shortly after we moved into this neighborhood. It didn't make sense either, it never does. Bad people can take so much of our time and energy. For what? Don't work too hard.

  19. Back when we lived in Huntsville before we moved to Memphis, Honey Bear managed a cabinet shop which was owned by Quantum Reserch. They were government contractors who built the equipment you're talking about. The cabinet shop built the cabinet that the equipment went into. They set it up for courthouses and congress, etc. I have seen the cabinets all set up with their equipment.

    By the way, I kept scrolling back through last week in my reader and found this post.

    It took a pretty good lick with the rock to break the car glass. I'm thinking someone's arm would be sore afterward. I don't know why these types of vandalism are practiced. When we lived on the farm, someone kept knocking our mailbox off the stand so Honey Bear placed a steel pipe inside the PVC and cemented it into the ground. Needless to say, the box stayed and someone had a very bad vibration the next time they hit that mailbox.
    Its good that you were able to help Dennis and it provided a little break for you from the norm.
    Love you,
    Mama Bear

  20. I think it takes a "sick" person to vandalize like that...they need help...most importantly....they need God. It is good that insurance covers those things.

    I think it is good that you and Dennis have been getting to spend a lot of time together....and....
    isn't that why God created woman...
    to be a help meet? It is wonderful when man and wife love each other and get along well together....God certainly has blessed the two of you.

    Hugs to you, my friend.

  21. I will pray for who did this to you as I know you have. They need God in their lives. My hubby and I love to eat at i-hop also. It is really good.. hugs and prayers my sweet friend..m..

  22. Oh, so sorry for your troubles...the world's gone a little bit crazy I think...

    haven't been here in a while (moving house feels never ending)...enjoy your 'college days' : )

  23. Denise, I'm so sorry you and your husband had to deal with this! We had our share over the years. One time a neighbor (many yrs ago) banged on our door at 3am to tell us that a wild driver just tore off the outer mirror on my husband's car. Another time also years ago, we came out in the a.m. and one of our cars had been vandalized and the radio torn out.

    Hoodlums indeed!

    On a happier note, glad your handsome husband is doing better.

    Hugs and love dear sister.

  24. It's kids with nothing better to do I guess:-( We've had incidents like that here as well where someone has broken into cars and such. I'm just so sorry you had to have this happen. We figure we're safe by locking our doors but then they only need a rock to smash the windows to get in. Sigh.

    Wow, that is certainly quite an undertaking that Dennis has with those smart classrooms! I can well imagine how big a job it is and I'm sure he truly appreciates the help you give him!!! Glad to hear he's recovering well from his surgery:-) xoxo

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