Monday, July 20, 2009

Run!!!!!!!!!! It is an ANT!

(ok, it is not an ant but in my mind this is what that devil looks like)

Do you know why they call them Fire Ants? Because they bite the FIRE out of you!

Dennis and I had a wonderful time on Friday, we ran around Norman (well maybe we walked, SLOW) Dennis did pretty good, he was tired after about 3 hours so we stopped at IHOP and had an omelet and headed home. I did buy a couple of pots but they are really not what I was hoping for, but seeing as how it is into the middle of summer there was not much to pick from. Anyway, they will do fine and I might find larger ones next spring.

Saturday we got up and headed out to the garden center to buy flowers and over to Wal-Mart for potting soil.

We first went to Wal-Mart and that was a smart move because from there we headed to the garden center. I think we had been there about 30 minutes and I had my little tray stocked plumb full and was headed back to the vinca vine trays to get a couple of those...... THAT is where I made my mistake. I picked up a 4" pot and being dry the vinca vine came out of the pot dirt and all..... I quickly put it back in the pot and scooped the pot up off the table.


There they were and by the time I figured out that they were ants (they were so small and black) that they were up my arms to my elbows, and they were BITING as they went! OMG!!!!....... Dennis was across the way from me and saw me frantically wiping at my arms and hands. He came running and so did the gal working there, I hollered at her and told her I needed a water hose or something, she quickly got the hose and began to hose off my arms and hands.

When the dust settled I had bites all over my hands and arms to up my elbows. They were swelling and itching and we hurry out and headed to Walgreens for Benadryl. I usually carry it because I am so allergic to any bites, but wouldn't you know it, I did not have a single chewable tablet to my name. By the time we got to Walgreens the bites on my arms were the size of half dollars. Mercy, those are nasty little things.

After about 5 hours my hands looked like I had on boxing gloves without the gloves!
I guess in hind sight I should have gone to the ER but we are only 3 minutes from the hospital from my driveway, and Dennis and I were very aware of how I was breathing and how I was feeling over all. At the slightest threat of breathing difficulties we would have headed to the hospital. I did feel really bad for about 4 hours and slept for a couple because of the Benadryl but by Saturday evening I was ok except for the swelling.

Well here it is Monday and the swelling in my hands seems to be going down! Yesterday I was finally able to see each bite and there are about 40 of them. They are all the size of a pea and there are blisters on the top of each one.. Thus the name Fire Ants...
BUT! Not to let those little devils win, I went out Sunday afternoon and planted my pots! So there!

I think they will look nice once they get growing, I hope so, they cost me dearly!

My sweet husband is headed back to work today and he is doing well. Just needs to take it easy for a few more weeks. I will miss him being here......... We are buddies......

I am very very busy in the shop right now, I kept a couple of my customers and the Sheriff department called and wants a new design and then they are going to order 80 shirts. That will take some time to sew. So I am off to the shop to work and I will try and get to visit each of you while I work on my computer out there.

Happy Monday girls

AND!!!!!!!! If you see a teeny tiny little black spot that is moving and upon a closer observation you see it to be an ant..............

(I will take pictures of my pots sometime today and share)


  1. Oh Baby you poor thing. Oh I do hope that the store compensated you your struggle. They sound awful!
    I am glad your feeling better and the swelling is better. I know what you mean missing him. I just thought this morning the kids will be going back to school soon it will be so quiet and the social battles of elementary will begin a new. Enjoy your day in the shop. I sent on that package on Friday. Well I best get to work too. I was just thinking about you. Big Hugs and no thread locks

  2. I am very sorry you were attacked by this vicious ant. I have been bitten once by a fire ant. I was a teenager and I will NEVER forget it.

    Blessings and prayers,


  3. Grrrrr my bloglines was not picking up your posts again...I just deleted your blog and re-added it, had 3 feeds to choose from so hopefully I got the right one this time! lol Oh dear, what bad luck to pick up a pot that had fire ants in the earth...ouch!!!! I have a friend who reacts like that to any type of insect bites and he has to carry benadryl with him at all times. You poor dear, what a thing to happen!!! Hopefully all the swelling will be gone in no time.

    I don't know how you handle such hot temperatures, I melt if it goes up in the 80's! lol We only had one week of hot temps back in June and since then it's been cold and raining. Today, though, it's sunny and warmer so I was able to hang out my laundry on the clothesline, something I have been able to do in a while.

    Sending you big hugs across the miles. xoxo

  4. I followed your story on FB...may you NEVER have a weekend like this past one ever again....

  5. OH you poor thing..Nothing hurts more than those nasty little ants ! Try not to scratch them and they will heal faster...I KNOW they will drive you crazy...I have been bitten alot by these nasty ones ,they are in my grass...I have to be careful trying to kill them, the chickens may eat the poison. And WHY ... did GOD make them? Your in my PRAYERS...

  6. I know how fast they can cover you. I stepped in a small hill in some grass once while wearing panty hose and a dress. They didn't like the hose because they got hung up and couldn't move but boy did they sting. I got out of those hose ASAP.
    It is dangerous to have that many bites. You probably needed some cortisone. I'm happy you're beginning to be better.
    Now, what is this about the shop. I thought you were turning that over to your son.
    Mama Bear

  7. Oh sorry about your little episode with the ants....I know you will be watching out for them from now on...that is just terrible....and yes....I agree with should be compensated.

    Hugs to you my friend.

  8. Oh my goodness. We have 'em too. And I've been bitten so many times. Thing is the bite marks/blisters don't go away any time soon either, and the continue to itch all the time they're visible. Oh my you got me itching.

    Around Texas the fire ants are red.

    Oh my goodness!!!!!

    Oh my....


  9. Oh Denise, this is awful...I'm glad you are much better today....if this ever happens again you need to get a shot....we just can't be too careful. Hugs, Linda

  10. Oh my, I think I'd be freaking out ... you are a brave gal.

  11. Living in Florida, I guess I'm used to those awful thingamabiters!!!!! They build these HUGE mounds in the yard, and if you aren't looking and step on one, well. . . . . you found out how fast they can get you!!!!! Worse than that, they climb the trees and fall on you without you knowing it, then bite you on the back, arm, etc. I'll have to ask God one day why in the world He had to creat fire ants and mosquitos!!!!!!

  12. I'm glad your doing better, they knew they where biting an angel, that's so sweet! I was once bitten by red ants and that was horrible! Once when my Johnanthon was a little boy, I noticed him squatting down and just sitting there, I asked him what are you doing? Watching these ants, he said back and he went into this spew about how they can carry stuff that is like 4 times their size and ect, I looked over at them and they red red ants! I snatched him up FAST! yea, I agree with Donetta. Enjoy your evening with hubby. Hows your dad doing?
    Hugs & Love~

  13. Glad you found some pots and plants...sorry about ants and stings =(
    I think the most I've been bothered with the ants were when we would go out as kids with bare feet and help in the garden. Now, this may gross you and others out but when we would get stung Dad would take some chewing tobacco and put on it. Yes, gross and stinky but it took the sting away instantly.
    I can't wait to see you new plantings. Thanks also for praying for my cousin...I spoke with his wife on Facebook yesterday and they are doing well.
    Love ya!

  14. Bless your heart, sorry this happened. I love you.

  15. Good grief Charlie Brown. I'm so glad you are o.k. now. Why did you have to go to Walgreen for Benadryl? Doesn't your Walmart have stuff like that? Anyway, I've gotten a lot of stings and bites in my days but never had a reaction. Lordy!!! That is awful. So glad you honey is able to get back to work but I know you will miss him. Have fun in the shop.

  16. Oh my gosh...I hate ants too. I'm so glad you're feeling better! have a lot of shirts to do...congrats!

    I'm sure you do miss hubby...I miss Glenn too when he's at work and I'm home by myself!


  17. Denise,

    I am so sorry you were bitten by the devil ants. I have heard that the pain is tremendous. How is the itching. Did the meat tenderizer help at all. Wondering in case I happen to run across them. I haven't heard about them being in this area, but you never know.

    Hope the blisters and swelling is gone soon and am glad you and Dennis were monitoring your breathing.


  18. Oh my!! I have seen a few on my front porch near my potted flowers...I think I'm going to spray a Borax and water solution around out there so they won't come in the front door. I successfully got rid of the parade of black sugar ants that were coming in my back door a few months ago.

    I am so sorry to hear that you were attacked by those lil buggars...I will pray that you heal fast!

    Thanks for popping by to see's always a pleasure to see your comments.


  19. I;m so sorry. I hope you are healing well.

  20. Oh, dear!!! At least you were quick to hollar for a water hose!! Think I would have still gone to the ER...just in case!

    Hope you're better!


  21. Denise, Go to to find out about the Blogher Conference. You will be going with me or at least your "hands" shirt will be. I'm wearing it tomorrow as I travel.

  22. Man, after reading this post it brought back memories of me falling off my bike as a kid and always seeming to find the fire ant pile on the ground. Remember being thrown into the bathtub by one of my parents as I was in so much agony!

    Hope you are doing better. I know it is NOT fun!

  23. So sorry this happened to you. I have never seen them here in Indiana.

    Love and Hugs,

  24. Oh my goodness, that sounds terrible! I do not like to hear of any bites from insects, makes me feel icky!!!! I hope you recover quickly! sounds like you are one busy gal!! Have a good weekend my dear friend!! Take care of those loving hands, let them heal!!!
    Margaret B

  25. Yikes!
    I think I would have had to make a little contact with the manager of that store. How horrible.
    I swell up something terrible when I get bitten too....can't imagine getting that many.
    We don't seem to have as many fire ants here like we did back in La.So you don't have to be as careful walking around barefoot.
    Hope things are all better...nothing like looking like you have the chickenpox on just your arms! :)


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