Monday, February 28, 2011

What Do You Think Of This Do?

Ok....... it is time for a drastic change to my do............

What do you think of this do?

I had to blur out her face.  This is just a picture I found and they live here in town.  I friend of mine cuts her hair.  What to you think?  Should I go for it?



  1. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stinkin CUTE!
    What does Dennis think?

  2. I always welcome change..I like it!

  3. I love the new style! Cute and perky...perfect for you..hugs, Linda

  4. No way :)
    It just seems to stiff for your personality.
    difference of opinion. It reminds me of France at the end of WW11 when the women who gave themselves to the enemy had their hair cut off in the streets.
    Follow your heart that is all that really matters.

    I hope you had a good Monday. Big hug.

  5. I think it looks pretty modern...and I bet if you didn't want it all spiky it would look just as great.
    I am about ready for a change myself....alas...I don't even know where to begin.

  6. Well, I couldn't do it but go for it if it looks good to you. I don't like all those ends sticking out.
    Love you,
    Mama Bear

  7. Hey - that's what I'm doing - I love the stick up hair thingy. :) Ya - go for it! ;) I just got highlights and now I have 1/2 blond hair. ;)
    I'll share a pix later. :)

  8. I think it would love great on you!! Go for it:-) xoxo

  9. Really nice and modern too.
    Have a great day and yes I would love to snail mail! I will e-mail my address!

  10. I'd never be so brave, but hey, looks like a nice "just out of the pool" hairdo!!
    I know what you mean about dogs - and most owners think that THEIR dog is the best and would NEVER nip at anyone ... ha, hate that!

  11. I love it!!!! In fact, I'm almost there. I was keeping mine too short, but trying to let it grow a little longer on to so I can do that. My hair is sooooooo straight since chemo! Poker straight! But I love what you showed here, so I may just try it out!!!!!

  12. Denise, that style is so cute and I say go for it. I wss thinking about you when we rented our parents house. It was sad to see someone in their home, but it's a nice couple, so the worries are gone and I'm sure mom and dad are happy about it.
    I'm still a little weak from the heart attack and it doesn't seem real to me, but I thank God every day for allowing me more time on this earth to be with my family. Love and hugs, Pat

  13. Denise, this entire post is CRACKING ME UP!!!! First of all that is hillarious what you did to that photo to blur out the face. And I laughed at what Donetta said about the "French Women" that were nearly tarred and feathered and had their hair cut off for hanging with the Germans. (and more of course than hanging out. Donetta sounds like me...dramatic and a vivid imagination. HA!
    I say...go for the haircut, French outcast stigma or not..
    And also I came here to tell you that my friend Marsha commented on my blog and invited you to our next tea party..can you make it down?? HA!
    I don't think she knows you live in OK!! I will tell her though...funny!
    Have fun..let us know what you do with that hair!

  14. GO FOR IT!!!! I love it!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, Denise. PS--Still working on your tag. I went to the craft store for inspiration last week but did not like a single thing. I was frustrated and wondered why I could not hear God lead me as He usually does with my prayer tags, then today I went to another craft store and was amazed at the selection which is sooo much better. I have something in mind. Hope you like it. God willing, I will mail it out this weekend. Blessings!

  15. I like the style. I imagine it would look very cute on you too. I would think one would need very coarse hair else use a lot of product. Either way would work.


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