Friday, February 25, 2011


Do you remember

me talking about renting the little house. How I wanted someone my age maybe, or close to my age. Well the little house is rented and it is such an amazing thing.

We have a business man here in town that owns many nursing homes. He has hired two woman, on an administrator and one a nurse to manage his nursing homes. Each woman lives out of town, one in Texas and on in Eastern Oklahoma. They have been living in a motel for more than a month now while trying to find somewhere to live Monday-Thursday.

Each will go home on Thursday night or Friday morning.
Well, my son Chris that knows everyone here in town is good friends with this business man and to make a long story short he told him about the little house  out here in the country. One of them came to look at it yesterday and loved it. I hope to  meet the other one next week sometime.

I am not a good judge of age

but she looks to be about 55 or so and is very very friendly and funny. 
They will not be here on the weekends so they wanted something other than an apartment with all young people and somewhere safe for their things on the weekend.

It is a perfect situation. The business man will pay all the bills so there will not be an issue with collecting the rent and all the utilities will go to his office.

So now,
I MUST go over there and clean out mom's closet. It looks like they will move in sometime after next week. No more excuses.

The Lord

  knew just who I needed out here and it looks like HE has answered my prayer.  I can see me sitting on that beautiful deck that my husband son and brother built and sipping coffee with a new friend.

HE is faithful if we can be patient

I have jury duty beginning next Monday. I will keep you posted.

It has turned winter again here but not for long I hope. All of my peonies are peaking up through the dirt.  I hope the freeze last night did not hurt them too bad. I should have raked some leaves over them, but too late now...........  

Have a good weekend girls.



  1. Oh I am sooo happy to hear of this. Just perfect timeing. So awesome. think just how perfect~
    Loving you.
    I'm doing alright Denise, thanks for asking. So impressed with the journey. I may be having knee surgery sooner than expected. Perhaps I might even get away with a partial knee replacement. For now I am undergoing another series of weekly knee injections for the next three weeks. They are not lasting long enough now and the right knee has become a candidate for knee replacement.

  2. God does have a way of working things out for the best....we just have to trust Him and be patient....then, He reveals His plan. We serve a wonderful, loving God.

  3. That sounds fantastic! I am so excited that God provided not only for needs but also for your wants. :)
    Have fun getting to know your neighbors.
    I will be sending a package out to you soon...with the book and a little something extra.
    Have fun on jury duty. :)

  4. I am sure they are just as relieved to be able to move out of that Hotel. Let's just hope they're not so conditioned to living in one that they expect housekeeping. :) LOL!

  5. I'm just smiling all over! God truly knew!!
    And everything is just falling into place. I'm so happy for you Denise.
    HOpe that sun keeps shining and the weather warms. You'll be working in your yard and planting more hostas and flowers. And sippin coffee with your new friend. ;)
    Thinking of you....
    Have a great weekend!!

  6. Denise, I can definitely see all of you sitting out on that deck...of the little house. Love that...the little house. So special.

    I'm off to let God inspire your tag and already He is placing some things in my heart.

    I read your email. I have followed your journey for quite a while since before your parents went home to be with the Lord.

    Just thought I'd stop by and say hello and let you know your tag is in the making.

    Blessings to you on this gorgeous Saturday.

  7. What a fun answer to prayer!! He does exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or even think!

  8. Always in HIS timing yes? So HAPPY!!!!


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