Friday, February 4, 2011

TODAY...... In My Life


Outside my window...

 It is snowing again..!  I have been in since Monday afternoon....... Cabin fever is setting in.......  BUT it is really beautiful out my picture window. We had blizzard conditions this morning around 7:30. Beautiful..........

I am thinking...
I really need to color my hair but I have no rubber gloves!  Why did I let myself run out of rubber gloves. If my hair is ok,  then I am ok.......  My hair is not ok, and we have a school party tomorrow. (if they do not cancel)  I think my sweet husband is going to have to go to the dollar store in the big truck! 

I am thankful for...
I am thankful for the PEC (Peoples Electric Company) guys that were out all day Tuesday and all that night getting our power back on. When the roads clear I am going to bake them a batch of cookies...  We forget to thank those that are required to be out in such hazardous weather.

From the learning rooms..
Hebrews 12:1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset [us], and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

I am very interested in the first part of this scripture right now. Studying the Hebrew/Greek to see what it really says.....  Who are the witnesses? Are they cheering us on? It implies that they are. Angels?  There is more to be studied here......

From the kitchen...
I have a big pot of pinto beans with a HUGE ham bone from Christmas cooking in the crock pot. Beans and cornbread tonight! Comfort food.......  YUM! 

I am wearing...

Black sweat pants, orange sweat shirt with black and green stripe woolly socks!   Did you know that I own a Tee Shirt shop and I hate Tee Shirts! AND I will only wear them if the neck is cut out and made to "scoop" Well I cut the neck out of my sweats as well!  Is that strange or what.. I cannot stand that ribbing around my neck BUT I will wear turtle neck sweaters!   Strange person I am!

I am creating...
Free Standing Lace Valentine book marks for a Valentine Swap that I am part of here in the blog. I love the Free Standing Lace.......  Easy to sew on my machine and oh so pretty when finished.........  Here is the web site I buy most of these designs ...     Advanced Embroidery .   Take a look at this vest, do you think they would sell?  Free Standing Lace Vest I have purchased the pattern before Christmas. Thinking about making one.  Tell me your thoughts......

I am going...
NOWHERE........  but Dennis is going after rubber gloves!   hahahha

I am reading...
Still on The Spiritual Man by Watchman Nee and about half way through The Visitation by Frank Peretti

I am hoping...

I really hope that the temperature goes above freezing this weekend and clears the roads. They had a terrible accident up around Tulsa because of the icy roads.  We need sunshine.

I am hearing...
NO traffic going past my house. It has been so quiet out here since Tuesday morning.  Did you know that if you stand out in the middle of the snow and be very quiet, it will snap and crackle and pop?  It is singing to you!

Around the house...
Not too much going on. We have most of the rooms closed off with blankets over the doors to keep the heat in the kitchen and living room. Sooooooooo  there is not much to do.......  I am working in the shop most of the day but that little wall furnace does not really keep up when the temperature is -3 like it was this morning. It keeps my machine warm but hard to work out there if too cold outside.  

One of my favorite things...
Having my husband home. The University closed on Tuesday and has been closed all week. We just sit and read and visit and nap. Drink my favorite hazel nut decaf coffee, and watch the birds outside enjoying the water and seed under the patio.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Color my hair and go to the party tomorrow. IF we can get there. It is my husbands boss and she has just built a new home out in the country. We will see. Two things have to happen, on the roads need to clear a bit and two Dennis needs to go after rubber gloves!  hahahhaha

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

That Vest I was telling you about!  So nice and all sewn on my machine.

Comes in three sizes. I think I will make one! 
What do you think of these?  I thought I might make a pair and put on Etsy. June will be here before you know it and someone might like these for a wedding!
AND!!!!!!!!!!!  Look at this!  It is all sewn on my machine!   Hard to imagine. I think I might give it a try.  A lot of work, would have to ask too much for it........BUT would be fun to see how it comes out!

I like the beaded handle.

 Here is one for fall...........   I like those wooden handles also..........

Well, time to do something! Anything........ ahhahaha  A body at rest tends to stay at rest.....  I need to get up and work!   
Have a good weekend and I pray that it warms up for all of us!  


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  1. Love seeing and hearing your vibrancy...I got some gloves and the die sitting on my counter in the master bath. I need to get on that too.
    Walgreen or other drug stores sell boxes of gloves for medical use. Then you have a big box of them to use on many things.
    I love that vest. could you just imagine the thread!

  2. Well, no snow here, but we've had rain for a whole day now...still raining. Thank the good Lord that the temperature is just above the freezing mark, otherwise, we would be in for a real treat!! (NOT!)



  3. I love that lacy vest. It's is gorgeous. And I also think that your idea of taking over some cookies to the Elec. Company is awesome too....what a great way to show thanks to them.

    Once again, I must say...girl? You're an inspiration to us all.

  4. Hello there Denise!! Thanks for stopping by my blog even though I kind of made you do it with my email..OOOPSS!!
    Miss hearing from you. I need to get back. I have been saying that for months now...bad blogger.
    I also love my hubby being home and as for the rubber gloves..they always came in the kit when I used to do that. I quit coloring. I could not afford it anymore because my hair is so grey that I could not color it myself so had it done with highlights!!
    It looks okay..After all I will soon be 66!!
    take care and stay warm.

  5. Hi Denise...

    I love the lace vest! beautiful!!


  6. I have an award for you at Arise 2 Write. It is the second post down.

    I have a prayer request at All Gods Creatures.


  7. Ha ha....girl you are beautiful no matter what color!!!
    I love the vest and this post.......did you not love the video of the blind quilt lady? Isn't that an inspiration to us all!!!! Sorry I have been kind of absent these days, just trying to get all my swaps and stuff caught up and work at the same time!!!!

  8. I just had to laugh out-loud when ya said that you'd sent Dennis out for rubber gloves! Heeheehhee!!!

    Guys have it sooo easy and just don't realize it when I comes to maintenance baby!

    I always enjoy readin' about your life! :o)

    God bless ya sweetie and have a beautiful day!


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