Friday, February 18, 2011

Praying and Laying Carpet.

We are headed over to the little house.

Looking into the living room from the kitchen.
We are putting down new carpet today. I think we have a wonderful renter. I will share that when it is a done deal.  The carpet is dark brown. I think it will be nice. I will take pictures when finished.

From the Living Room to the Kitchen. Dennis is trying to open a can of grout. He was finishing up the tile in the bathroom.
We are putting down the carpet our self.

The rooms are square and they are small. I have moved all of the remaining things into a back room and today I will deal with that while Dennis cuts the carpet. They did not have much. They just lived simply. I have not gone in the house in a long time, but I need to just "woman up" and get it done.

I made a set of towels yesterday for a local auction for a family here in town.

They turned out so nice that I decided to make a second set this weekend sometime to sell on Etsy. They have a Celtic Cross appliqued on each towel. Seems that it is the in thing right now. I will take picture.

I think most you here in blog land know Deena over at Can I Be Pretty In Pink.. She needs our prayers to bombard heaven. Go over there and let her know you are praying.

Well, time to finish my second cup of coffee and get my working clothes on. Make sure and go and give your support to Deena ... then PRAY...........



  1. Praying for your time next glad that ya'll are going to be able to rent the little house. Mom and Dad have a rental...I am glad that you have found someone nice to rent the place.
    Going over the check out Deenas.

  2. Your doing great. so courageous and brave to face that which would hold you down if not.
    Good to hear your rising to the stature of the woman you are.
    Big Hug

  3. Bless you my friend! I know it must be really hard!! I can not even imagine! I find myself reliving those last 5 months mother lived with us before she passed away in May...

    So it's hard for sure....


  4. Praying the Lord helps you and strengthens you for the task. I know how hard these things can be. God be with you, dear.

  5. Beautiful job Denise, my prayers are with you, and thank-you for sending more prayers over to Deena. It breaks my heart to read her post.


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