Sunday, February 27, 2011


There are hundreds of Robins in my yard. 

They are everywhere. South of the house in the open fields they are busy busy looking for worms. I have never seen so many robins.

They are a joy to behold this morning.
A promise of Spring!

Have a Robin filled Sunday girls!



  1. Oh my now that is EXCITING!!!!! I have heard a Robin but have not seen one yet, we still have a lot of snow!! But I do have Blue Birds:) Oh the sweet sound of Spring listening to all the birds. . .I cant wait! Love you my friend, enjoy your day too:)!

  2. We have all kinds of signs of Spring: Hyacinths, Daffodils, Plums, Bradford Pears and Forsythia all bursting into bloom...the Robins are here year the ones you saw were migrating back North.
    Love you,
    Mama Bear

  3. and the rob rob robin goes bob bob bobbing along...
    Once we had one under our orange tree. He must of blown in for we normally do not have them here. We enjoyed him so much. He would be an arms reach away as we shared tea on the porch. Good memory. Loving you

  4. There are signs of spring everywhere!
    Hopefully we can make it through to Spring without a revisit from winter.

  5. I LOVES Robins too and they're here ALL winter. :) We are blessed! :)
    Happy happy spring! :)

  6. I gave them your address, Denise, when they were at my house!!! Told them you would be nice to them and let them stay over!!!!

  7. Denise, we've been seeing more here this spring than any other year I believe. I love your top picture the most. It screams SPRING!!! Hope your place is a nesting ground for many this year! Holykisses and happy Spring!!!


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