Monday, October 5, 2009

Shop Keeper

Look at that face!

While I am out in my shop during the day my buddy Moses, my love bird has the "fly" of the house. (can't say run because he is not running!) ha! Anyway, I have a grape vine twined around the curtain rod and it is one of his favorite places to sit. Thought you might like to meet Moses if you have not already.

We bought him in March of 2000. He was hatched in December of 1999 and we picked him out when he was just a little pink ball of skin with no feathers and eyes closed. They put a little metal band around his teeny tiny leg and we would go back to the shop weekly and watch to see how he was progressing. He is such a joy in my life and is with me all day. OH yes, he makes a mess but so what.........

He is spoiled beyond belief, but so what! He is a picky eater and he loves rice, but NOT instant rice, he wants the whole rice with the little green specks that I have to cook for 20 minutes in the microwave and let me tell you, he knows when that microwave is running and he knows what's cooking. AND popcorn, watch your fingers because he will bite the fire out of you if you even try to get a piece of his popcorn. He smells it while it is in the microwave and he is right there watching! I have to grab the bag and throw it in the cabinet to keep him away until it cools off! Impatient little thing!

His morning breakfast is scrambled eggs, and a bite of my cantaloupe if in season. He knows when it is dinner time and he has little yellow dishes (they are actually saucers for small flower pots about 3" across) and he knows that they are their his dinner dishes and he is VERY interested in what's for dinner!

Their life span in captivity is 5-7 years and usually die in household accidents. I have been VERY protective of him thus he will soon turn 10 years old. In the wild they live 10-15 years. I love Moses but will never have another love bird and if you think you want ONE, do not do that. They need to be in pairs. There are many many people that raise and them to sell them as pets but they should only be selling them in pairs. They bond to each other and if they are alone they bond to a human. That is not a bad thing but they need another lovebird as well.

He understands a lot of things and he knows when it is bath time. He heads to the kitchen sink and he has his own plastic lid about 1/2 " deep and 14 " around. I hold that under slow running water and after a little coxing he takes a bath... and SO DO I........ Water goes everywhere! Then it is back to his room and on his perch in the window for drying time.........

Everyday about 2:00 he heads to the crook of my neck where he takes about an hour nap. It does not matter what I am doing he is GOING to take a nap and he gets a bit pissy if I do not sit still and cuddle! ahahhaha In the winter it is easy to take time out for him but in the summer time he had a LOT of pissy days! (do you know what a lovebird does when he is pissy? HE BITES!)

Well OK OK, enough about Moses.......... just thought you might like to see my buddy!


  1. Oh my goodness, Denise. He is absolutely ADORABLE. I had no idea a lovebird could be such a pet! Enjoy him--you warmed the heart of this animal lover with your description of Moses.

    Hope your dad is doing okay today.

  2. I do! I love it when pets are spoiled and treated as one of the family. Moses is beautiful, I love his colors. I hope you get to enjoy him for many more years, if possible.

  3. He is adorable. I love All GOD's creatures.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  4. What a wonderful post. I had seen him before but loved reading all about him. Pets are so special.
    Mama Bear

  5. This is my first introduction to Moses. He is beautiful...enjoyed the story about his routines...the love you have for him and the joy he obviously brings you is precious!

  6. Oh Denise ~ I just love Moses...he's adorable. I loved hearing all the stories of what he likes and doesn't like. I can just picture him taking a bath and snuggling in your neck...too cute!


  7. Mose's is really lovely sweetie.

  8. What a character ... pets are the best!

  9. Very funny - he sounds like a cat... Very smart and beautiful.. I had no idea birds could be that smart... Good thing for microwaves too.

    Love to you,

  10. He's beautiful....and just a perfect name for your feathered friend!!!

  11. Awwww, he's gorgeous and I so enjoyed learning more about him. He has quite his own little character, doesn't he! lol I had a green/yellow budgie when I first got married and had him for 2 years before having to give him away because he was so jealous of Shawn when he was born. He had been so spoiled he couldn't stand not getting all my attention!

    Please know that my prayers are with your dad!! xoxo

  12. He's such a handsome man, I love his name! and I believe no animal or human is spoiled, it's called "Loved" I was raised as an only child and people would tell me I was spoiled and I got so mad and something told me to tell them that, and I have every since then! he sounds like a human with feathers and wings! LOVE IT!!
    Hows your dad doing?


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