Friday, October 30, 2009

Just Becauses'

Don't you just love "Just Becauses?" I do...... My sweet hubby came home today with this bouquet and it was "just because" You ladies know that these are the most special bouquets of them all. Just thought I would share. AND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my "well" Moses, sitting on the top of his cage, sitting in his window out of his hospital cage. It was a beautiful day here lots of sunshine for him to enjoy.

He was very interested in the camera so I could not get a good picture. I am keeping him in his room for a few days and not let him out and about in the house. I do not want him to get to active too quick. He has this window all to himself and it looks out south of the house. He sits in that window a lot...

He needs to put on some weight so I am feeding him lots of corn. He loves whole corn so I make it available to him all day.

Here he is sitting on his cage He has this room all to himself and I keep it a little warmer now than the rest of the house. I am glad he is better and sitting in the sunlight.


  1. He looks very very happy to be home and in the sun. . . you are one very special lady my friend, great job:)

  2. Sweet surprise from your DH...and so glad Moses is better...he is a beauty!

  3. Love the flowers!I know how special that is. So glad Moses is better!! Thanks for all the pictures--I love looking at him.

  4. Hi Denise
    He looks so happy. I love how God has sucn a heart for critters.
    I hope your doing well. Thank you for your sweet beauty shines in so many of the lives you touch. The work you did for the retreat was so special. Holding that hankie had me feel like you were almost there.

  5. So glad Moses is better. Those flowers are beautiful. I love you.

  6. Aww, how precious! The LORD is so good. Beautiful flowers and so glad to see Moses looking good!

    Blessings and love dear sister.

  7. He is adorable. i'm glad he's well.

    Yes, the flowers, "just because" are great. My Honey sometimes brings me a bouquet of wild flowers back from a walk. Its the thought that counts.
    They're both keepers.
    Mama Bear

  8. You are right..those just because gifts mean so much more when there is no reason. It means you were on his mind.....that is the most special part. :)

    I am so glad that Moses is progressing nicely. How I would love it if someone told me I needed to be fattened up. ;)

  9. Yea! Flowers for no reason! Moses is quite beautiful and obviously on the mend!

  10. Love the flowers. Your hubby gets major kudos! Also good to see Moses is feeling better. :)

  11. That looks like a great spot for Moses.

  12. Beautiful and I love your blog!

  13. Denise,

    Yeap, I went AWOL but not because I wanted to. It was a long week.

    So glad your beautiful Moses is doing well. God indeed looks after even the sparrows of the field.

    Love your bouquet. Your sweet Dennis is a keeper.

    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  14. Lol. Birds are such funny things!!! The flowers are beautiful too

  15. Those "just because" flowers are the very best kind:-) Men have to learn that they can give flowers for that reason, not because they're in trouble and need our forgiveness! lol

    I'm so happy for you that Moses is now doing so much better!! No doubt he will soon be 100% better with your loving care:-) xoxo

  16. Your flowers are lovely. You have such a sweet husband. And I'm so glad I got to see your pretty little Moses.


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