Saturday, October 24, 2009


Look at that face!

Had to make an emergency trip to the veterinary yesterday. My little Moses is sick. There are many vets here in town but none that care for exotic birds. We have to travel a little over an hour to get to one. That was a LONG hour. Seems that Moses has a respiratory infection and he is pretty sick.

She gave him a shot of antibiotics and I have to give him a drop every day for 5 days along with an anti fungal medicine. He is tame but not that tame and I hate having to hold him that tight and drop medicine in his mouth but it is for his best.

He is an "old bird" as the vet said and stressors in his life are not good. I thought that I was doing right by him taking him to my brothers while we were gone on vacation but in actual fact it is most likely the reason he is sick. He was out of his comfort zone and was in a different climate with different surroundings.. Normally a young bird will handle those things just fine but not an "old bird" as the vet kept saying. I just did not know...

He has to stay in his cage in his room with the door shut and the temp between 80-85 for one week. I am not to handle him only to give him medicine. If he does not eat right then I am to give him baby food ( we got carrots and squash) and yogurt, but he seems to be eating real well and he loves rice so he has plenty of that in his cage. The hardest thing is staying out of there and letting him have quiet. The Vet said that heat and quiet is very important.

Oh how we love these little animals.

Lord I am so sorry for being ignorant to the facts and please keep an eye on Moses.

HIS eye is on the sparrow, so I KNOW HE watches Moses.


  1. Denise,

    Moses is a handsome and beautiful fellow. His colors are just gorgeous. I'm sure you are concerned about him and yes, we certainly do get attached to the creatures that enter our lives.

    I'm praying that Moses recovers completely and has many more happy years with you. Don't beat yourself up about not knowing he needed to stay in his comfort zone. Life is a learning experience, my friend.


  2. Your not ignorant, you didn't know, you where thinking of little Moses and his well being, and he knows you love him and God knows he loves you and your hubby too, God can heal him, after all, God did create him as well, and all things that God created he can fix!!
    Hugs & Love~

  3. Hi Denise, I'm glad you had a get a way but so sorry you and Dennis both had the flu bug...I hope you are both feeling better. Love your trailer, it's wonderful traveling with all the comforts of home.
    Oh, I hope Moses is better...are pets are just like family..I worry each time I leave mine but my daughter was a very good care giver. Take care and hugs to you and yours, Linda

  4. Aww, Isure hope he's better when this is all over! I really like him and like hearing about his goings on. Someone said you had the flu; glad you are better.

  5. I'm sorry Moses is ill. I'm praying for his full recovery.

  6. I hope all you're doing for him will make him 100%.

    Poor Moses.

  7. Our pets are so important to us ... I sure hope her recovers well.

  8. It is so neat that GOd allows us to form attachments to our pets....they do fill a void. Sorry he is not feeling well.
    I hope he enjoys his solitude(vacation)and that he is feeling better soon.

  9. God bless little Moses real good. Oh, yes these animals are so close to our hearts. Love, Diane

  10. Oh Denise, so sorry to hear about your bird. We do get very attached to our pets and love them very much. I do hope he is recovering well.


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