Saturday, October 3, 2009


Dad is back in the hospital. I took him out there this morning at 4:00 am...... He is bleeding into his colostomy bag and his heart rate is down in the 40's. Me and PE spent from 4 till 8:00 am until they got him admitted and up into his room.
They did many x-rays and a CT scan of his abdomen. He is on a heart monitor and they are giving him Cipro antibiotics. I checked back with him at 5:00 this afternoon and he is resting well.
They will have the results to all the test tomorrow early afternoon. I appreciate your prayers. It has been a very hard day. Dennis and I have mother tonight and will have her till Dad comes home.


I don't know about tomorrow,
I just live from day to day.
I don't borrow from it's sunshine,
For it's skies may turn to gray.
I don't worry o'er the future,
For I know what Jesus said,
And today I'll walk beside Him,
For He knows what is ahead.

Many things about tomorrow,
I don't seem to understand;
But I know Who holds tomorrow,
And I know Who holds my hand.
Ev'ry step is getting brighter,
As the golden stairs I climb;
Ev'ry burden's getting lighter;
Ev'ry cloud is silver lined.
There the sun is always shining,
There no tear will dim the eyes,
At the ending of the rainbow,
Where the mountains touch the sky.
Many things about tomorrow,
I don't seem to understand;
But I know Who holds tomorrow,
And I know Who holds my hand.I don't know about tomorrow,
It may bring me poverty;
But the One Who feeds the sparrow,
Is the One Who stands by me.
And the path that be my portion,
May be through the flame or flood,
But His presence goes before me,
And I'm covered with His blood. I don't seem to understand;
But I know Who holds tomorrow,
And I know Who holds my hand.

words and music by Ira Stanphill


  1. I am praying for your dad.. still

    Love to you and your family..


  2. Sweetie, I love you. Covering you, and your dad with prayers.

  3. Thinking of you and your Dad. Sent my little prayers up.

  4. Bless your heart, Denise!! I know it's hard trying to take care of your sorry that your dad is having a time right now. Praying that God will lead the doctors to figure out what is wrong but also know that God is right there in the midst of it all!


  5. Denise, I am so sorry that you are having to go through so many episodes with your parents. And...
    like the song...we know who holds tomorrow...we know who is in control...He loves you...He loves your are all in my thoughts and prayers. I know it is hard sometimes to feel His presence in troubled times...but He is there...always.

    Love to you.

  6. Bless you, sweetie!
    I am praying.
    Mama Bear

  7. I'm sorry about your Dad, and I will pray that our heavenly farther will intervene. I love the poem, so very beautiful, just like you, beautiful.


  8. Wishing your dad all the best ...

  9. Praying, Denise...beautiful poem....

  10. Bless you. I mean it. You and your family are going through it. Thanks for your comment and for asking about mom. She lives alone, 4 mi from my sis an hour from me. She has help come in 5 days a week in daytime. Let me rephrase...she has an angel, almost another daughter, coming inevery day. We try to cover the rest of the time so i am down there a lot. She is well but almost can't move...long story. Hope things go according to the Divine Plan for your dad, your mom, and you.
    Mathy,Techy,Artsy Fartsy

  11. Standing with you beautiful...
    Holding your heart within mine.
    I just came by what of this day? Are you bearing up the news?
    loving you

  12. Oh, dear Sister, praying for your dad, your mom, and for you. May the Lord walk you through these current waters.

  13. Oh Sweetie, I'm praying for your Dad and your Mom and you and hubby.

    I love you.
    Psalm 27:13-14


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