Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Again

We are home you did not even know I was gone....... We were on VACATION........ We left here Wednesday morning headed for the Ozarks. Craft fairs and quiet time. Sorry to say but the weather turned terrible and we did not get to sit outside or build a fire. We sat in the camper most of the time but did get out to the Fair on Friday. Bella Vista.. Love it.. The weather was wonderful and we strolled around for hours.. I am so glad that Dennis loves the same things as I do.

This is our camper, I had forgotten to take pictures before we put the awning up. It is 26 foot with slid out and we just love it. We have had it three years but never had the time to take it out. We were hoping for better weather but one can never plan on that.

This is the view outside the campsite. Beaver Lake near Rogers Arkansas. It was just beautiful. The trees were turning and the the view around the lake was like a painted pallet. This picture does not do it justice.

This is the entrance to the Bella Vista Craft Fair. It was a beautiful day for strolling around the grounds. I had hopes of being a participant this year with my primitives but that did not work out for me but maybe next year.

I took a picture of this at one of the booths.. I so loved it and I want Dennis to make one for next year to hang around the pool. Just change the word to pool instead of Lake. What ya think?

We closed up the camper on Saturday morning and headed to Springfield Mo to celebrate our 10th anniversary and visit with his brother and his family. We have not seen them in two years. We spent the night in Springfield Saturday and headed back to the camp site on Sunday night.
With the weather being so yucky we decided to pull up stakes and head home on Monday, do some laundry and head out again on Tuesday morning for Texas.

We love the little town of McKinney Texas, it has a quaint little town square with lots of vintage shops and outdoor cafe's'. But alas, Tuesday morning around 2 AM Dennis woke up very very sick and we paced the floor for hours when around 8 in the morning I became so sick also. Stomach flu with diarrhea and vomiting. High fever and body aches.. Mercy!!! 36 hours later we are better but it is now Wednesday and vacation is over come Thursday morning. That was not fun.

Well I think I have more pictures to share but I still feel pretty bad and need to go and lay down awhile. I will be back in the blog full time now. I have missed everyone and want to get back visiting my favorite ladies...


  1. Get better - my prayers go out to you.


  2. oh girl get well. I am off to fl in a few hours.
    I'll miss your presence yet knew you were alright. What a delight that you got away.

  3. I agree with the Lake to pool concept, love the design actually!

    Get well soon@

  4. I'm so HAPPY your home! I missed you! Sorry to hear that you got sick on vacation of all things! ICK, My nephew has been real sick with the same stuff, but my sister in law couldn't break his fevers, so all of us prayed and by mid morning no fever and he was wanting a In-N-out burger, and my sister in law said he's feeling fine, he was listening to his christian music REAL LOUD, I told her he's rejoicing, let him be =)


  5. I, too am glad you got to go on your needed one. I love the photo of the know I love the out of doors...but vacation time just doesn't last long enough for me. How terrible that you both got sick but thankful it wasn't swine flu. You get all better now.


  6. Hope you get well, soon. Beautiful pictures. Love the view.
    Blessings, andrea

  7. ARE in the same boat as fun at all! I do hope you get better was a bit better for me.

    Love your photos, that view is gorgeous! Happy Belated Anniversary!


  8. Love your camper...welcome home

  9. Glad you had some time away sweetie, love you.

  10. I love going to craft fairs myself...not to buy anything, but to get ideas for my own making. LOL

    Beautiful Fall foliage photo.

  11. Camping and craft kind of fun....

    Sorry to hear of the sick time...glad you both are better....

  12. I love camping! We just don't get to go very often!

    Looks like y'all had a great time...sorry about the stomach virus you each had! Hope both of you are feeling better!!


  13. Oh dear Dee, I do hope you feel better soon!!! You be careful sweetie, the flu can be so bad!!! I will send you a big prayer and hug to make you well!!!!
    I am glad you are back safe and sound!!!
    Margaret B

  14. I have always thought the Ozarks must be so beautiful. I hope I see them in person some day. I am SO sorry you and Dennis got sick on vacation!!

  15. Camping is a blast ... and you had nice weather too.

    Sorry you became ill.

  16. I am thrilled you had a chance for a get away. I'm sorry to hear you were both sick. I hope you're feeling better now. Welcome back to Blogland. Looking forward to reading from you. :)


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