Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mom Has Crossed Over

Helen Maye Walsh 

December 30, 1919 - September 15, 2010


When the night kneels down by your bed
In the time of your sadness,
Remember O child of the mountains
This word of the law:
The night is the shadow of God
Who made you for gladness,
And your sorrows are less than your strength
Which He foresaw.

Preston Clark

Mom left me this morning around 1:15 A.M. Wednesday morning........  I cannot even begin to tell you my sorrow, but she has been reunited with Dad. She has hugged her mom and the brother that she has not seen in 60 years.  She beholds the face of Christ.



  1. ((( hugs ))) Denise. I am so sorry at the losses that you've experienced this year, yet we know that your parents are in a much better place, enjoying healthy bodies and the presence of our Lord. Praying for you as you grieve.

  2. Denise,

    My heart is heavy as I read this, and tears are very near...I'm sorry for your loss, but also I know that your mom is having a glorious time right now...just like my mother is!!

    Praying for you!!

    Love, Beth

  3. How my heart goes out to you. Precious sister I will be praying for you as He holds your heart and soul.
    Sitting with you in spirit.....words are never enough.
    love you

  4. Oh, words right now...just (((hugs))) and prayers...

  5. Oh, Denise. I am so sad for you - your loss has been so great and so much so close together. But I am so thankful for your mom - and a bit envious even.

    Please take good care of yourself as you go through the valley of the shadow of death. He will be with you and bring you to the other side.

  6. Me again - I just love the picture.

  7. Denise, I am so sorry for what you have been through!! I am sending you lots of love and prayers. wish I could be there to give them in person. They are together and with the Lord, no more pain and no more confusion.....
    Love you Sweetie!!!!

  8. (((((Denise)))))
    I am so sorry you have faced such loss and so close together.May the Lord's love surround you in a powerful way as you grieve.Love you~Sharon

  9. NO!!!!!!! I am just sobbing over on this end, I so know the pain of losing 2 people you love with all your heart, I wish so badly to be there with you just to hug you, kiss your cheek and pray with you, this stirs so many emotions and I just prayed the other night for a recovery for her...makes me not want to pray any more, but LORD just told me " Denise's Mom has recovered, she's with me and you know my sweet child when your with me you are recovered " I LOVE YOU & am only a phone call away...

    LOVE TO YOU my Sister in Christ

  10. Sweet, sweet soul my friend. It is finished and she has walked into the rest of those who await ed her oh so long. Your gifts have and will be long remembered as the greatest gift. That you Denise and Dennis laid your lives down for another.
    One day soon in the by and by your lives will lift up into a new season. Where life will be about the love you each have to share with the other unfettered by the needs of your dear folks.

    Many of us here in this kinship on the web are standing with and for you. Rest a while just rest. The next few days please ask for help as your tasks and duties will be many. Tending her shell and all of her estate will be finished not long from now. Hold on and Denise ask for help. Your siblings need to be required to come and help. Stand for NO strife from any of them. Grief has a way of bringing that out in others.
    I have the address but not the phone number to reach you. I am here in any way I can be of service to you.
    protein, multi b vitamins and naps
    Denise, hold her dress or blouse and just lay down and rest. Processing the days fullness. Let others tend to as many of the duties as possible. YOU MUST TAKE RESTS and time outs. You will be able to make it through this time better if you do.
    This is a process.

  11. With sincere sympathy at the loss of your sweet mom, I know this is very a sad time but I am thankful she is at peace and has been re-united her beloved. Blessings and warm hugs to you....Linda

  12. Oh Denise, the tears are flowing and I can't say enough how sorry I am, but knowing that your mom is now with your dad, I hope and pray that gives you strenght. I for one know that feeling and no one can say how long you will grieve, because my parents went to the Lord almost 3 years ago and I still cry when I think of them. May our Lord wrap you in His comforting arms and get you through this. I hope that you are reading this, because I would like to have your snail mail address. Love, hugs, and many prayers, Pat

  13. No more pain for Mom. She's been made whole - body, soul and spirit. I'm rejoicing for her, but praying God's peace and comfort for you as you are stunned by this tumultuous season you've been in the past several months.

    You are loved.


  14. Holding You Close in PRAYER... My MOM passed when I was only 11...What a BLESSING you have had...So Many Years with your sweet MOM...Heartfelt,Rowann

  15. Denise, I know you are grieving and my heart goes out to you as I know how you are feeling. Your Mom followed your Dad in just a few months and you know that is the way they would have wanted it. My Dad followed my Mother 16 months after she went home. I know it was a long 16 months for him.
    I know your Mom and your Dad are together with new bodies which do not age or sicken. They are dancing with joy to be together with the Lord and their loved ones.
    Peace be with you and may your faith bring you comfort during this time...and remember you did the best you could for both of them.
    Love you,
    Mama Bear

  16. Dearest Denise, please accept my deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved mother. I so wish I was over there to hold you in comfort. My prayers and thoughts are with you. xoxo

  17. What a lovely lady you had as a Mom. :) God bless you and comfort you- Mat 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
    I'm sorry she went so quickly - but ...
    I'm sorry that she left so soon. I know we're never ready for this - especially as quickly as they've both left.
    Keep thinking of how much joy you will have when you see them ... otherwise try not to grieve as those that have no hope - for you certainly have hope. I'm not there yet ... but I won't relish this time either ... God bless and comfort you ...

  18. I'm sorry for your loss, but rejoice along with you in the comfort that she is in the arms of her precious savior and loved ones gone on before here. God bless you.

  19. I'm sorry for your loss, but rejoice along with you in the comfort that she is in the arms of her precious savior and loved ones gone on before here. God bless you.

  20. Well done - thou good and faithful servant. What a time you've had this year. Always so glad to hear when they moved their resident to their eternal home with Jesus. I know the grief. Grief is healing. But Thankfully, she's now in the hands of God - holding hands with Dad. That's a nice picture, isn't it? I pray for that reunion for my own dad to be with mama soon. There is no earthly reason to keep them tethered here when life has become such a burden for them.

    Love and prayers, dear Denise.
    Rest in the hands of God.
    Patrina <")>><

  21. i am here by way of annettes. prayers and thoughts of solace and peace for you and your is so final, but such a peace and comfort to know they are not suffering in this world any longer and are where they journeyed to be.

  22. I love you, and I am very sorry for all the pain you have had to endure in such a short period of time.

  23. Heartfelt sympaties to you all....this is so difficult a time in our lives, but with it comes the fondest of fond memories that never fade away!

  24. Denise.....My heart is heavy as I read of your Mom's passing but rejoicing that she's celebrating around the Throne and worshiping King Jesus!!! Oh what a celebration it must be....we can only imagine!

    I'm lifting you and your family us dear sister! May you sense His encompassing arms of Love surrounding and holding you close to His heart in the days ahead.

    You are loved!


  25. Denise,

    I'm very sorry in the pain you are feeling at this time in the releasing of your Mom. I pray for comfort and peace for your heart and your family. I rejoice in knowing she is whole and in the presence of the Lord...

    Blessings to you,

  26. Oh, Denise,I didn't know until I popped over here just now! Dear, sweet Sister may the Lord be your comfort. Her suffering is over, dear. You have been such a wonderful daughter and an inspiration to many of us.

    The Lord be with you and your family.

  27. Praying for you, peace and comfort! Rejoicing she is Free! (((hugs)))
    love you,

  28. My dear and so very sweet friend..... I am so very, very sorry to hear that your mom crossed over. You have been through so very much. My heart is with you.

    Your parents are whole again and so very happy. They both will be watching over you, Denise. God Bless you, honey, God Bless you.

    typing through my tears....


  29. This has all happened so fast. I was afraid of this when your Mom became ill. Many times this takes place once the wife/husband has already passed.
    But it is GOD the Father who chooses our days. So we trust Him.
    So sorry for this huge loss Denise.
    I know your Mom is happy and beautiful and healed.
    That's a major comfort at a time like this...yet it doesn't fix everything does it.
    Thinking of you....


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