Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If Not For HIS Word

Well I went out without my camera. Bummer!!!!!!!   Night out with my brother PE and Alpha and son Chris and sweet husband. Today was PE's birthday.  Happy Birthday PE.  I took him out to dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant  here in town called Papa Giorgio's,  nice place with GREAT food.  We had a good time but I hate hate hate that I forgot my camera.   

We are getting some much needed rain tonight and the temp outside is a wonderful 72 degrees.  

Now about Mom. I called her tonight and I should not have done that. She is not the same and sounds very drugged up. Her voice is different and I had to keep telling her who I was.  She has stopped walking now and is in a wheel chair and she was walking when she went in. 

They said her thyroid is all messed up and now she has a UTI and she is on antibiotics.  I talked to her for just a minute and asked how she was doing and were they treating her ok, she said not so good and I just want to go home.  I thought that my heart would break.

I have been searching my mind for the promises of God more and more each day and reading out loud those that I find to cover my mom.  I know that the Father God is right there with her and HE cares for her much more than I do, but right now it does not feel that way.  
I have read the scripture in Isaiah 54:4
Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

We are not able to carry the sorrow of this world and the griefs that come upon us. I often before today wondered why that paticaluar scripture was there. HE carried the sin of the world upon HIM and saved us from an eternal hell but HE also carried the sorrow and grief that HE knew we would face.  
HE loves us and cares for us and knows that the weight of this world will crush us if not for the price HE paid. 
HE bought for us eternal life but HE also bore the grief of the entire human race so that we might not grieve. What would life have been without that price that HE paid. The grief and sorrow alone would destroy us. 




  1. Denise, I always have good intentions to take photos of events, etc. but like you, I usually remember my camera AFTER I've gotten to the party, etc.!!! I always hate that!!

    I know it's hard on you about your mother....she is where she needs to be....she can get the required care that she has to have....yet I know how your heart feels....been there, done that!


  2. Denise, your post touched my heart and I too Thank God for allowing Jesus to die for me and the world, so that we may be free from sin and tempation of sin. I will continue to pray for your mom and all of you. Love and hugs, Pat

  3. Your post title say it all...If not for His word...amen...

  4. I'm sorry - it's very difficult to take your Mom off all her meds - that's hard for someone younger - but it is very difficult for her.
    I'm glad they found out about her thyroid - I'm low thyroid - but went high at one point ... it can cause alot of mental instability. :(
    Stay in the Psalms - I've found the 40's to be VERY calming and comforting ... and 18 and 140's ...
    God bless you and take some time to relax and rest - it's the best for the mind and body. Praying for you all!


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