Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leaving the blog and FB For A Few Months

My sweet friends.  You each mean the world to me and over the past three years plus you have brought me much love, fun and friendship. I am going to leave the blog for a few months, only the Lord knows when I will be back.
As most of you know we put my sweet mom into a Psychiatric hospital a week and half ago thinking that we were doing her a good thing. That was a week ago this past Thursday and this past Friday after only 7 days there I went in and took her out. I am not going to go into all of what happened to her but on Saturday morning (yesterday) I called 911 and had her taken by ambulance to the good hospital.  

She has been there since yesterday morning and after all the test we saw the Dr tonight.  Mother will be released most likely on Wednesday morning to a nursing home here in town with Hospice.  She is mal-nourished, she has gastric bleeding, she has pneumonia, her CHF has been left unchecked and she had to have two unites of blood as soon as they could get her admitted. She had a white cell count of 14 and infection in her bladder. I do not know of all the indignities that she suffered there but I know of a few.  In her honor I am not going to publish them. 

Mom has quit eating and her protein levels is 4 and I guess that is severe malnourishment.
Both her legs are severally swollen and the right one is very large and very hot. Her feet when I took her out were the size of balloons with a huge blister on the top of one of them the size of a hen egg. Her eyes are sunk back in her head and she has been asleep since Friday at 1:00 in the afternoon. She can no longer walk and has to be in a diaper. 

She spits her food out and is refusing her medicine. Mother has decided to go home..

I am considering having her brought here, along with Hospice and home health care maybe I can do it, my son and husband think that it will be too much, my brother tells me to do what my heart says.  I will just be still and listen to my heart. 
The Dr. said it could be as long as 2 months. I refuse that in the name of Jesus. I pray that HE takes her home quickly. She is HIS beloved and HE loves her so. 

I have no other words to say to you right now.  I cannot even imagine the days to come. I will get some sleep and go back to the hospital at 4 am or so and I will be there with her and with her when they move her and with her there till HE calls her name. 

I will be back when I can, I will post when she crosses over Jordan.
Pray that the Father God call her name soon..........  She has an adoring husband waiting just over the river and he has been standing there just  70 days. 


  1. Sweet Denise, you take as long as you need in caring for your beloved Mom. I'm joining you in prayer, asking our Father to call her name quickly. Lord knows she's suffered more than enough.

    That's just awful about the other hospital! Just another reason why I'm not a proponent of modern psychology/psychiatry.

    Praying for you dear one.

  2. Oh Denise
    These are some of the hardest days of your life. You will walk closer to the holy and divine than you thought you would ever.
    You will be taxed beyond measure.
    HE will see you through. I have sat at my mothers bedside. Hospice was awesome. Allow them to serve you and to especially serve her.

    Denise at this time your body will have so much asked of it. If I might share with you that there are things that may help you as they did me.

    Eat protein, I know that your dietary needs are unique listen girl this journey eats up protein in your system big time. Use also a good muli b vitamin.

    She can hear you. Sing to her. This was one of the holiest times with my mom. When I sang softly to her her vitals were eased so much so that the staff would comment.

    I know that I do not know how YOU feel, but I remember how it was for me. It is my hope that I might comfort you with the same comfort I received.

    Try to allow sleep for yourself at least 6 hours even if it is in a chair. Rest will help so much. I know that even an hour snippet will help.

    Hard one hear. It was when my mother was left alone that she passed. Hospice taught me that it is easier for them to do so. Do not be afraid to exit the room. It is alright to do so.

    I told my mom that I let her go. I told her it was alright to do so. She soon went home once she was left alone by family, hospice was there. I let go and she knew I did so. Say everything you want to say to her. She will understand you in her spirit..this I promise.

    The same thing with my sister in January. I spoke with her just hours before she let go. Her daughter held the phone as one by one calls came from the other siblings. It was then she spoke with her daughter and left.. Peacefully.

    If in any way I might be of service to you I am hear. I will be standing in prayer and intercessions. Loving you Donetta

  3. I love you. I am here. email me and I will send you my phone number if I can be of any assistance or support.

  4. all the very best in caring for your mum and blog when you can, thats all...

  5. Denise, my goodness, this is too much, how can things like this happen!! I will pray for you night and day.....I will be here if you need me.
    Please take care of yourself too...
    Love in Christ,
    Margaret B

  6. Denise, you did the right thing to take her from where she was!! I am so sorry because it sounds that she has suffered greatly there!!

    You need this special time now to right those wrongs....and I too, for you and your mom, pray that God will be merciful and take her on to her home in heaven...

    Love you and please know you are in my prayers.


  7. Sweet are most definitely in my prayers...

    I have not gone down this road with a parent yet, but I did stand beside my mom as she walked this journey with my precious granddaddy...the hospice group was so amazing with got to the point in the latter days that their sincere compassion for my granddaddy and the comfort and support they gave the family overwhelmed me at times...I would just stand in the corner and weep...

    You have had such amazing strength during this time...and I know, extreme weariness, too...lean on your friends and family...and draw from that Well that never runs dry....

  8. Praying for you, and your precious mom.

  9. Reading this post hurts my soul.Be good to yourself and take care of you for the rest of your family.Sending you prayers.

  10. My heart goes out to you...and my love is with you.
    I am sorry for the hard times you and your mother are going through. That sounds so trite...but it is true.
    I will be praying as you and your family go through this. And I will be praying for your mom and her home going.
    I can understand you not wanting to blog through this...but know that I will be praying for the strength and comfort He has promised to be amply given during this time.
    Hugs and lots of love sister!

  11. Denise, Know My Heart breaks for You... Always in my prayers, LIFTING you up to ABA FATHER...

  12. I love do read...and I will be reading it again in the morning..Love you Denise...

  13. Dear Denise....I'll be keeping you in my prayers and thought. This is such a sad is so hard to see our loved ones suffering...take care you are doing your best...hug, Linda

  14. I've written this comment so many times in my head but I still can't seem to find the right words. I have no idea what you are going through and I wouldn't unless I went or was going through it myself. I can only imagine your pain and agony over the decisions you've made or will have to make. I'm hope knowing folks are praying for you will bring you some comfort. I know that no one can comfort you like the Lord can though either. Be well my friend and I'll keep checking for your return.

  15. Dear Denise,
    I would be surprised at the condition of your Mom if she stayed here much longer. God bless you for getting her OUT of that place. I don't put certain things on my blog about my Mom in respect to her too.
    I am appalled at the condition of your Mom and so glad you are there for her. I think that taking her home to your house is a good idea IF you have round the clock care for her and you are just an emotional comfort to her.
    God bless you and see you when I see you ... (((HUGS)))I'll be praying for your life and your family.


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