Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is the 4th year for the pool. Hard to imagine that it has been that long.  We were so busy with other obligations that we have not been able to do much with the landscaping around the pool. It is dirt and grass. 

you know what happens when it the wind blows or you have to mow or weed eat? Yeap, dirt and grass in the pool. So now we are doing a temporary fix until we can afford to put a deck around it. (Maybe next summer)  

My sweet husband is off on spring break this week so this is what we are doing.............

 Hard to believe that we are having to mow first.  It has been many years since we were mowing in March.
If you look , you will see the fence to the right and behind Dennis. He will build a fence from the corner of the house toward the east and then turn about half way across and go back to the back of the fence. That will cover up the pump and the heater. That will look nice. 

This is the south side of the pool. We will dig down 4 inches and 4 foot across and then line with landscape timber and then pour rock. We want to build a deck but that will need to wait till we save up a few bucks.

Now this is the east side of the pool and it has quite a hill on that side. We will cover that with large flat rock and I need to find some type of pretty ground cover that will kill our any weeds or grass. Any suggestions?
Sometime this fall, that old shed is going to be dozed down and next spring a new shed for me. One thing at a time please.

Now I am the official digger upper and shovel it into the wheel barrow. I am using muscles that have been forgotten about all winter. This is going to hurt in the morning.

Now comes the rock. Lots of rock. The truck was just too big when it got here and very heavy, so we were fearful of him drivng across the yard to get next to the pool due to the fact that all our water lines are there. So, I have a BIG pile of rocks right in front of my house..........!
Better safe than sorry.


My poor husband, I cannot help with this. I cannot shovel rock. Now all that rock has to go to the back of the house, in through the gate and around the pool.
This is going to take some time.

To be continued!


  My grandparents were born in Ireland. His dad ( my grandfather) was born on St. Patrick's day in Dublin. You do not get much more Irish than that!  Happy St Patrick's Day dad. 
I have a great heritage.   



  1. Oh my! I'm out of breath just thinking of it all!!!! I remember when I had a load of larger rocks delivered as I wanted to put them aroud my little pond, etc. It was a "one at a time" type of project as they were just too heavy for my "has been" muscles! Love all your hopes and dreams, though. That's where it all starts -- dreams turn into hopes, hopes into possibilities, possibilities into plans, plans into revisions, then ---- work! Can't wait to see you resting on that shovel, smiling, sweating, but saying, "It's done!" You go, girl!!!!

  2. Hi Girl :)
    Lots of improvements. Say what elevation or zone are you in. It might be able to inform me of the type of suggestion to make. I'll look up OK when I get a chance. Let me know if you have the knowledge at hand.
    I hope that the bengay is in the drawer and it is easy to reach :) ha


    let me know this site will tell you

  4. Hummm to kill weeds and grass - well lay down really THICK black plastic - maybe the type put to line a yard pool and then cover with those rocks ... :) Ivy will kill most anything. Bermuda grass will choke out most things. and there's tons of ground cover - vincas and other things. :) Go to your favorite garden center and ask them? Not Lowes or Home Depot - those folks don't usually know much.

  5. Your hubs has his back work cut out for him. I've planted allot of ground-cover but have yet to fine one the weeds won't grow through.

    There is just somethin' very wrong with weedin' groundcover!!!

    I'd put down a thick layer of black plastic under the rock to begin your process.

    God bless and may the luck of the Irish rain on your day sweetie!!!

  6. I know it is going to look great when you get it all done. Some of our lovely rock from here in the mountains would look fantastic by that pool...of course you would need to make a trip this way to pick some up. ;)
    Love your heritage!

  7. Happy St. Patty's Day, Denise! Looks like you guys are having a great time of it over there! Just came by for a quick hi.

  8. May you always have
    Walls for the winds,
    A roof for the rain,
    Tea beside the fire,
    Laughter to cheer you,
    Those you love near you,
    And all your heart might desire!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, dear Denise:-)

    Here you are mowing your grass and we still have lots of snow on the ground! lol It's pouring rain as I type this, though, so that will help get rid of a lot of the snow. Your hubby certainly does have a big job ahead of him with that pile of stones...maybe a neighbour will feel sorry for him and come help him:-) No doubt you are now very much looking forward to being able to go swimming in your pool!! xoxo

  9. Denise, love the picture of your dad. How sweet is that. My greatgrandmother was a McFarlain and that's where I got my Irish blood, red hair, and freckles.. I feel for your hubby--that's a lot of rocks. Love and hugs, Pat

  10. Denise,sorry I forgot to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday. My dad's birthday was Monday also, so I was not in a good mood and had to go and have bloood work done and I won't know the results until my visit. Hope you had a good one. Pat

  11. Hi Denise, I found you thru Linda's (Somewhere in Time) blog. What a lovely pool you have. I vote for the thick black plastic too. I love the photo of your parents on your sidebar - just precious. Have a blessed Sunday.


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