Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Day----- Leaving FB.........

Outside my window...
It looks like winter again. Temp is 40 degrees, wind is blowing. Low last night was 32. Had to cover my Peonies!!  They have buds the size of quarters........I have both plants covered with trash cans...... Last year I lost my bloom to a late freeze..... Not this year........

I am thinking..
that I need to put my life in some sort of order.  I have all the time in the world and I need to learn how to manage my time. It is the first time in my life that I have been in this place and now I need to learn to not waste my time. I have a LOT of hobbies, really more than I should have so need to learn how to spend time with that and spend time on other things.  Summer is right around the corner and I need to accomplish something before that pool opens!!!!!!!!!!!!  hahaha!  Where is the time going anyway. How did it get to be nearly April. What did I do in Jan and Feb and March?

I am thankful for...

My health. I have run across a couple of blogs this week that I just needed to leave. I found my self crying as I read stories of catastrophic illness striking younger women and bring such chaos in their finances and their family.  I read one the other day and I just had to close it and cry..... Praying for the Father God to give us a cure for breast cancer...... I know HE will if we ask and keep on asking....

From the learning rooms..

Life brings change and with that change we grow if we allow the Lord to revel to our hearts the lessons to be learned. I have fought that over my life and missed the lesson. As I grow older, I am eager to learn.

From the kitchen...
Not much going on there. I am more into the raw than ever before and learning each day how if "fix" up something to eat.  I have found that making out a menu for the week works real well.  I know this, that I have eaten more fruit and vegetables in the past few months than I have in my entire life.  I have fresh juice every morning, carrot, apple, pineapple, and touch of lemon. It is wonderful. Throughout the day I drink green smoothies. I get all my protein and essential vitamins and minerals there. You wold not believe how good they can be. Hand full of spinach, banana, few strawberries, some Chia seed and filtered water. I experiment all the time and I have not found anything that is not wonderful.

I am wearing...
 Well, I guess I must say that I have gone back to my winter wear. Sweats and sweatshirts and woolly socks.  I had pretty much put them all away, but seems that winter is trying it's best to reappear. Lets hope that this week is the last of it.

I am creating...
a web site!!!!!!!!!!  I have FINALLY  got my web site finished and I am now in the process of putting items up on the web. It is not launched yet but it is Sew Very Prim and it will have primitive graphics converted into embroidery files and those files for sale. I tell you that I have started this about 3 years ago but just have not been able to find the time to get it finished. Now, with the time I find I have I have finally finished the web site. Now I am not a whiz at web design but my husband bought me Dreamweaver 4 and it is whiz bang. I am a hands on person and not a book person so I learn by doing and not reading first. Not sure if that is the best way but it works for me. Now I do not know much about it but I can build a simple web site I will let you all know when it goes on line. Maybe next week. I still have to learn how to get a PayPal button working and how to figure out how the customer can download the file after payment........... Whew.....  My brain is tired! 

I am going...
 to Springdale in three weeks to have a double root canal!!!  OUCH!  Seems I have a bad tooth under my bridge and also the tooth right next to the bridge. Well it has to be a specialist that can go through the bridge to do the root canal. My dentist referred me to a specialist in OKC and after talking to them the cost was going to be   $ 2899.00!!!! OMG..........  to make a long story short.... My oldest son in Arkansas is in the dental sales business and he knows Dr's all over this part of the US. He takes them out to dinner, he sees them on a weekly basis with his sales job......sooooooo I called him and he came through like a champ....  He got me a professional discount and off to Arkansas I go in a few weeks. They will do the exam and then both the root canals and for less money to justify going that far.  I wish that the Lord had given us three sets of teeth. It sure would have been nice.  

I am reading...
 Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burop. It is an amazing book and a short read. If you have not read it or heard about it then you owe it to yourself to pick it up or download it on your Kendall. (I am reading it on my husbands Kendall) It is heaven as told by a 4 years old boy that died for a short time. Out of the mouth of babes.

I am hoping...
 That all the things that that little 4 year old boy tells us of heaven is in actual fact real.  It gives me GREAT hope and hope is what keeps us singing.

I am hearing...
the TV tuned to Fox News. We listen every night. I just cannot imagine why in the world we are in Lybia. What do you think? Should we have gone in and got involved in a Civil war? I just do not know, I feel so bad for those beautiful women and children but are we really wanting to be in another conflict?  What say you?

Around the house...
Not much, lot of work outside before it turned cold again. In the house I am cleaning out closets and have taken all of the things from Mom and Dad's house to a family member in Tulsa. I still have a closet full of things to take pictures of and put on Etsy and all of Mothers jewelry to go through. I have put that off for a while.  Other than that, lots of plans to paint and other things inside this summer but now.... just talk.

One of my favorite things...
 Working in my back yard. There is nothing better for lifting the soul. Right now I am looking out the back patio and cannot wait till the weather once again warms up....... I have plans for a HUGE shade garden.... I need to be out there getting my hands dirty........  God made dirt to grow things in .........  Dirt is of God.......

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Not much...  Dennis was off this afternoon and he is off tomorrow. This is the week that we do the McCalls Special Olympics each year. I have been printing their shirts for 8 years now. We start in January with designing the shirt and after some back and forth and changing the design, we agree on one the first of March and then I go into high gear.  This year royal blue shirts with a front and back design in white. They ordered 269 shirt so that is print on the front an  print on the back. That is 540 designs to be put on the shirts.......  Dennis always takes a day and half off to help. We did 100 this afternoon and will finish them tomorrow by around 2 or so.  It is a good job and it always comes when we need it most. This year it will pay for my two root canals.  I am thankful for Gods provision.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing..

A blank canvas for my shade garden. This is the south end of the back yard and it is 100% in the shade. I am thinking hydrangeas, azaleas and lots of other pretties to beautify my back yard.  What you think?
Lots of hostas around the bird bath I think. Then look to the left of the bird bath along the fence. I am thinking a row of Cannes yellow, and in front of that a row of Spiderworts which are beautiful purple color and then in front of that yellow iris.  What ya think? 

If you would like to join us in the simple Women's Day Book go over to Peggy's and join us. 

Oh yes, I love blogging and my blogging buddies. I am going to cut back on FB and come here more......  I miss you ALL!!! 



  1. Hi sweet Denise! What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for visiting me and of course!!! You can use any of my gift images for whatever your heart desires....and I'm with you girl on time management ~ seems my days just slip away from me!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  2. I miss so many blogging friends who only FB now - just snippets instead of real thoughts!

    I read Heaven is for Real yesterday and was blown away. I, too, hope that little boy has it all right!

  3. I have missed you and I love you, when I came by to see whats going on at my friends house and life I started crying in the beging of your post...

    I LOVE YOU my sweet
    sister in CHRIST & friend...

  4. I've miss, you here in bloggy land, too, Denise! I always look forward to your posts at both your blogs! You are such an inspiration to me. I'm not good on facebook. Maybe it's because I'm too wordy and can't say my heart in just a sentence. I miss all the bloggers that moved over there. Can't help you with the gardening thing. But I eyed those barrels along the fence!!!! What's going in those????? I need to win one of those Yard Makeovers where they come in and redo it all.

    Hope it warms up for you today. It should, with that big warm heart of yours shining out there!!!!!

  5. Hey girl,
    I hope those peonies stay warm! Mine have buds on them too and it's been brr chilly!
    I so love reading your daybook and want to start doing that again too. I know you mean about facebook etc and TIME sure gets away from us if we're not careful. It's hard to get everything done. And I know what you mean... coz God made us stewards of the time we have. I want to be a good steward.
    Be praying for you to get your dental work done. How wonderful to find a good dentist.
    Your yard looks like FUN! I'm with Cora, those barrels look awesome. I've never had a whiskey barrel planter before. But love em! I like your idea to plant hydrangeas back there. They get so tall and love the shade.
    Ihave these wild violet plants that grow at the bases of my hydrangeas and just love the shade. They spread like crazy. I think they'd love it back there.

  6. Hi Denise...I think your shade garden sounds so pretty, especially with the wild violets...hope your Peonies do well...I just love them...both my granma and mom grew them.
    I saw the little boy who wrote HIFR on the Today Show...what a beautiful story...I want to read his book for sure.
    Take care and may all go well with your root canal...hugs, Linda

  7. Always love visiting you and seeing what's going on with you....

    Have a blessed day!


  8. Looking forward to your new website...and pictures of your dirt playground transformation...have fun and keep sharing those pictures!

  9. Hello dearest Denise:-) After reading your post, I find that we're so much alike in so many ways! I, too, need to learn how to manage my time more effectively. I also have way too many hobbies on the go and then with Facebook...well, it's just too much! I haven't left FB completely but I only spend half an hour on it in the morning when I'm having my coffee and half an hour or so in the evenings to work on my Farmville and Frontierville! lol A few weeks ago I started taking the time to make ATCs and it feels so wonderful to be making art again. I enjoy it so much and it relaxes me. As you say, with Summer coming soon, we'll be wanting to spend lots of time outside as well:-)

    Spring is finally showing up here and although there's still snow, it's slowly melting away. I posted a few pictures on my blog today:-)

    Love you dear friend and know that I appreciate your prayers and caring so very much. xoxo

  10. I loved the soothing read of your daybook...I will look that book up...sounds like a good read...I just looked at the forecast for Sunday and it says 80 but this week has been more like winter...no wonder I'm sick...cold one minute and hot the next...
    So-o it is 11:00 and time to go grab a shower...need to get with Daughter to take her name off our bank account...never thought I'd have to worry that someone would think it was her income....I just don't know how to feel about SIL...
    Sorry about the teeth...I know exactly how you feel...wish I had all the money I've spent on my mouth and a set of dentures but alas that wasn't to be for me....and yes, I do have lots of allergies but thankfully I've taken enough shots that all of them don't bother me much anymore.
    I love you,
    Mama Bear

  11. Hi
    First of all darlin' dirt is HOLY! :)
    I have learned more of god in the dirt than anywhere else.
    Try some ferns under that tree it will green it up some. I just transplanted that one and had to move it back to the full shade the sun even a little got to burning it. they are so airy looking and feathery.Good backdrop and added height.
    Oh the roots...It will go well Denise. The medications to numb are so much better now than ever. See if you can get an order for prophylactic anti biotic. Start them 2-3 days before. She who speaks has 14 root canals and an implant...one tooth has had two root canals and then a third up from the bottom surgery to get it done. It was a 20 year old job and had calcified.
    You remember those old towel of the grandmothers with the days of the week on them. May sound silly but the order really did help me. I have the list on side bar. You know the old Monday=Laundry and so on. Then the priorities that relate to day bubble up and get done (if I'm lucky)
    It is hot here 91! today. Oh I will miss the cool.
    Libia...is there any country that Obama won't take us to? Goodness when did we get so arrogant as to become the worlds savior...oh wait that is greed not pride:) say oil oil oil

    I spent the morning picking poppy pods to dry for seed. Now it is time to sew on...a zipper for Doves dress and them take in the dress in process for me.

  12. Hi Denise,
    Loved your daybook!! I was so inspired today and loved my visit here!
    Glad you liked my quotes and yes they would be so good turned into stitches!!
    I am so sorry to hear of your teeth and my how expensive!!
    I am looking forward to your new website.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. You are one busy, smart gal. Your garden and flowers sound beautiful. Impatiens do well in the shade, don't they? Not sure. I sort of agree about Lybya. Also we cannot afford it. Sorry about you teeth and the outrageous cost. Thanks for sharing with us. Blessings ~

  14. I'm so anxious to see your raised beds Denise!
    It's supposed to get cold here Monday night... hope our peonies do okay.... you gonna cover yours?


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