Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Storms !

I hate these things......... !!!!!!

Son Chris called just around 6:00 and told us to go to shelter... We live about 5 minutes from the University where Dennis works and the building that he works in is partially underground. It is perfect for a storm shelter. I had just fixed Mom and Dad their dinner so we jumped up and headed out. It is so hard on them. Mother especially because she gets so terrible confused when you move her or take her somewhere new..

BUT we can drive right up to the door which is protected by an over hang and they do not get wet or out in the wind. There we sat for over an hour and when we did decide it was over we headed home only to get a call from Chris again saying they were sounding the sirens on the west side of town.. Back we went and stayed another hour. 
We were in constant touch with brother Paul as they were getting much worse weather than us.. They eneded up in their stair well with pillows and prayer........  
We were blessed to have missed the storms tonight, but others did not.  Much damage just 20 miles north of us..  

I fixed them a bowl of cereal when we finally got home again and I think they went to bed at 9pm....... Worn out! 

Mom's congestive heart failure is acting up and she is taking water pills, bless her heart........I am concerned about her. She is struggling.  I have released them to the Lord and I am at peace with whatever decision HE makes regarding their lives.  HE knows so much better than I do.. BUT this one thing that someone said to me the other day caused me to be very humbled. She told me that God knew he could trust me to care for them thus HE asked me...I am honored that HE trusted me .............  Is that something or what........... God trusted me........
I am humbled in that thought........

It is now 5:00 am and I have had no sleep so I guess I better lay down a while...



  1. Denise, bless you for what you do! I would be terrified trying to "dodge" tornadoes!!

    It is hard when trying to take care of one's parents....I'm wore out and covet your prayers. My mother is now a handful, especially with her OCD.



  2. I saw the news this morning and immediately thought of you. I am so glad that you and yours are well and safe from the damage I have seen.
    I hope you get a chance to catch up on some rest and that your parents are able to do the same today.
    I thank God for the strength He is going to provide as you continue to lovingly serve your parents.

  3. I know just how you feel. We have these here and it just keeps you in high alert until it passes. We have so much better alert systems than in the past. Happy all is well.
    Bless you,
    Mama Bear

  4. So GLAD you are safe and your home was spared... My prayers were with you and my brother in Edmond. Praying for a quiet day and rest for you...

  5. Bless you dear heart my friend, I know that must of been a scary ordeal, and I know those horrible tornados can be so very destructive, Hugs and hope you are having a better day today.
    Hugs and blessings, Barbara from

  6. Hey Denise!

    Wow what weather you're having.....Saw it on the news.....So glad that you and yours are safe.

    Also, so touched by the comment in your post re "God knew he could trust me to care of your mom thus HE asked me". This really ministered to my heart with what's going on with my mom! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Sweet Blessings!

  7. Glad your safe.Sending prayers your way.

  8. So glad you and your family are safe. That would absolutely terrify me. Floods and tornadoes - I think would be the worst. Blessings, Diane

  9. Rejoicing that you all are safe and sound...you and your family are always in my prayers...

  10. Thank God all of you were safe through the storm and you will be through the storms of the heart as well. Beautiful words from your friend. One of the things that touches my heart and blows me away mostly about God's love is the fact that He chooses us to do His work here on earth when He really does not have to. That is the love of our Father--too huge for words. I'm glad that revelation is blessing you as well. Blessings dear one!

  11. Everytime the storms start popping up, our weatherman speaks of your area as we usually get it after you. You're always in my prayers dear Denise.

    Love what yous shared about God trusting you. ;)
    Big hugs this day,
    ohhh I saw on your profile ... your answer about water... and clay... equals flower pots. LOL
    atta girl!


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