Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Score : Auger 1-- Silver Ring and Basket 0.

Do you know what happens when you lose weight?  You lose weight everywhere, or at least I do.  That is why I can lose 20 lbs and it is not very noticeable yet.

It comes off me whole body including my feet and fingers!  Ok……….  So do you know what happens when you wear a ring (that you have worn for years) and feed oranges into your juicer?   

Yeap, it slides off and into the juicer ! 

Now my juicer has an auger……..  It does not spin the fruit, it crushes the fruit.  It is a better way to juice as the ones that spin create heat and that destroys the enzymes.. BUT this is not a lesson in nutrition………. This is lesson is being a dumb a_ _ !  

 As you can see that auger is no less in shape than the day I unpacked it from the box.. 
BUT the basket is in a bit of  a mess .  

and the silver ring…….. Well………
It has GREAT sentimental value as it was a mothers day gift from my son Chris.  It has been on my finger for 15 years or so!  I have a friend that repairs jewelry and I am going to contact him and see if he can melt this down and make anther..  Something simple will be fine just want to have something with the silver…
It took me over an hour to get the basket and ring out from the auger in the juicer. It was jammed in there..  BUT out it came and I was on the phone to the company to seek some parts.   The gentleman on the phone was so nice and the juicer is covered for 10 years but NOT for silver rings and stupidity!   He laughed when I explained the weight loss (some due to the wonderful juicer.)  I told him how impressed I was with the juicer and that the auger is everything they said it was. It did not care that it was a silver ring.. It tried to crush it with no harm to the auger.  Anyway, he laughed and thanked me for my honesty, He said most people would lie about it just to get free replacement.  Oh no not I ..  I am not lying about such a small thing.  The part cost $32.00 and I was happy to offer my credit card.   Favor was smiling on me and he processed my claim and sent me my replacement basket FREE!  For my honesty he rewarded me !  Thank you Lord.  My new basket arrived in two days………  How nice.
So the moral to this story is if you have lost weight and you are using a juicer with an auger TAKE YOUR RINGS OFF BEFORE DROPPING ORANGE SLICES IN TO THE TOP or anything that is “juicy”   
Now, I need to contact my friend and see about a new ring……………
Have a blessed day!


  1. Oh, dear! Maybe your friend can rebuild the ring. That's so easy to do. I buried my wedding ring twice, planting flowers! But at least it wasn't crushed! I tried to comment yesterday about the tornado but it didn't work. I hope things are returning to normal. It sounds so terrifying. Hope your mom got over it a little. Diane

  2. Wow what an amazing true story, and I sure can see how easily that could happen, my rings get very loose when I loose weight too, and that is very upsetting about the ring being a gift from your son.
    Hugs and hope you can have something made from it, hope your day is good today.
    Lots of hugs, Barbara♥

  3. Congratulations on the weight loss. And my sympathy for the ring.

  4. Denise, I am so sorry about the ring. I'm hoping your friend can take care of a replacement for you.

    Honesty is always the best policy. You got the basket free by telling the truth. I'm glad that the man rewarded your honesty.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Mine has been on hold since I had my heart attack. Not even sure what I weigh at the moment but am hoping I haven't gained.


  5. Oh no! Denise, I'm sorry this happened to your special ring....I hope your friend is able to repair it....hugs, Linda

  6. I do hope the news is good concerning a repair or a new ring...we moms cherish these gifts from our sons....

    Congrats on your weight loss!

  7. I'm trying to refrain myself from giggling, I know its not funny but just reading these words, but I am truly sorry about the ring, I'm gonna ask God to be able to have your friend make the exact ring for you, and yes being honest does have its rewards!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Oh, you must have felt "just sick" when that happened. I imagine they'll be chatting about that one in the coffee room. :)

  9. That's a good story - especially about the reward for honesty! I hope you can get it back in some sort of order!

    Weight loss - exciting. I'm at 35 pounds - 6 pounds from goal! Very exciting.

  10. Sorry about your ring, Denise. Glad to hear about God's favor though. What a great opportunity to testify to that rep. The ring was well worth it and now has even more value to it. ;)

    I love the way you close with the moral of the story. You put a smile on my face.

  11. Denise congrats on the weight loss, but sorry about your ring. Honesty is always best because I had to deal with one lie heaped onto 3 others yesterday and she never realized what she was saying.
    Tornadoes scare me, and I'm so happy that you are all safe. My dad has congestive heart failure, so that's why I eat lots of fruits and veggies. Prayers for all of you. Hugs, Pat

  12. Oh, Denise, what a shame! But what a lesson for you and for all of us. This is just another one of those cases where the Lord provided when we follow His will. So sorry you had to go through all this!!

  13. Sorry to hear about your accident..It does pay to be truthful..

    Just wanted to write to you to let you know that I have changed names and address..I am at:


  14. Well we all know it is not just about a ring and a juicer. It is the witness that another needs to be reminded of an honest soul out in the world were hope in humanity wanes. It is the example of being able to laugh at ones self with out crippling shame.
    Good show. Now looking forward to the next part of the story. Wondering how this all plays out.
    No doubt with dignity and grace.


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