Sunday, May 16, 2010

OH Nuts!

Up and around and coffee in hand we  headed to Tulsa!   I love Tulsa and love going there on occasion but I would NEVER want to live there again.  It was hectic!  BUT………..  There is the MOST amazing market there and I was like a kid in a toy store ( in my case that would better be phrased as candy store)  

As some of you might know I have gone to a raw food lifestyle thus the raw food links on the left of my blog.  It is the most amazing experience.  I am still learning and much trial and error but for the most part it is very easy and the 20 lbs gone is the reward. I do eat some grilled Salmon or Tilapia on occasion but that is it for any kind of meat. 
Anyway, this market is the HEAVEN for raw food people.  

There are  nuts and seeds and specialty salts and raw honey. There are raw oats and wheat berries for sprouting and raw/natural granola and all of this can be purchased in bulk!    

This isle is the flour and seeds and dried fruit and sea salts and STUFF!!!!   I even found my Falafel mix!   Could not believe it........ I have been wanting to make them........   Now I can! 
 YEAP......  That is a raw food meal!

The veggie section made me look like a kid with my mouth open!    Fennel bulbs!   I have NEVER seen a fennel bulb!   I bought one!  It is the most wonderful tasting veggie and I cannot wait to see what I can do with it.   You can dry the feathery top and grind it up for seasoning in other things!   

Most of their produce is shipped in from California daily and by the looks of the people there grabbing it up it is fresh fresh fresh…   I found Daikon Radishes!   The are the diameter of a baseball bat!   I bought two!!!!!!!!   YUM……  You take that radish and  put it on a mandolin

and slice them VERY thin and then mix up your other veggies and sprouts with mushrooms marinated in Nama Shoyu

some thin slices of avocado some paprika and roll them up like  an egg roll  and eat them with flax seed crackers made in the dehydrator and look out taste buds!    I am making myself hungry! 

See those white radishes?   OMG........  Can't wait! 

Anyway I found my Cocoa powder so I can start to make my cookies and puddings and I found my psyllium powder so I can make my ice-cream and puddings!   What a deal!   

Happy happy joy joy joy!      Happy feet was my name for more than two hours!  

After reluctantly leaving  we headed over to the Red Lobster for dinner. My sweet brother PE and Alpha gave us a gift certificate for the Red Lobster and Chilies.  He said it was because of the wonderful care I give Mom and Dad and although it seems that no one is grateful he is…….  was that sweet or what!  

Anyway, we headed to Red Lobster and after reading the menu very carefully we choose the lobster tail with steamed broccoli and asparagus with grilled shrimp.  We each had a house salad with a drizzle of lemon and EVOO drizzled over .  Dennis had steamed wild rice but I passed on that.  I did not want any starch.   I EVEN  left that little cup of butter and oil for dipping the lobster!   That is a heart attack in the making. 

The meal was wonderful we left there satisfied but not too full.  It is amazing how changing ones lifestyle changes ones life..  

We then ran around Tulsa nosing around to see what we could find and stopped at a Best Buy to look for a case for my new phone..( I got a wonderful Smart Phone for mothers day from my wonderful son Chris)   Headed out of town around 6p.m. after stopping at our favorite QT  (QuickTrip) for a cup of coffee for the road.  

Leaving home for a day is so very refreshing and we cannot do it very often.  Leaving means paying someone to come out and give mom and dad their medicine and then paying them again to come out and fix dinner and give them their evening medicine.   BUT  yesterday I got a nurse to come out even though it was Saturday and PE and Alpha were back from their vacation so they did the evening meal thing and the medicine.      Thanks guys…..  

I am up and refreshed today and putting up my stuff from the market!  Going to soak some wheat berries till they sprout and then make some flax seed crackers……….!    I guess I need to start taking pictures of my “food.”   Would you be interested?  I even have Moses eating raw food!  Maybe he will gain some weight……. He is a skinny bird!  

Blessing to you gals this day!  


  1. So glad you had such a nice outing...the pictures look really good...I would love to see more pictures of your meals....

  2. Do you know Leslie from Do You Weary Like I Do?
    She only eats uncooked....and maybe ya'll could exchange some food ideas. She has had some health issues and has said that this has helped her immensely.
    I share your love for incredible grocery stores....went into a place called Wegemans while in PA.....I thought I had died and gone to heaven!
    So glad you got a day off....isn't it amazing how it revives you....I remember those times girl...they are so important.
    Glad you had a fun time.

  3. It sounds like you had a good day off and no one deserves it more. Your food plan sounds interesting and yes, show us pictures.
    Met some people from Oklahoma on Saturday at breakfast in the hotel. They were there for Memphis in May. Made me think of you, my friend.
    I was wondering about Moses the other day. He was sick the last I heard. I think it is time to do a post about our favorite Love Bird.
    Mama Bear

  4. What a great market, Denise! Everything looks so fresh and beautiful. It's nice to have a day "out" and to be refreshed. Glad you had a great time.xo Lidy

  5. What a difference a day makes and apparently a raw food diet too. Great job on changing the lifestyle. Is it something you did overnight or did you gradually work up to it?

  6. Nice to hear that you are losing weight but I am not so sure that I would like to lose it that way..but I am very happy for you. I have decided that I am the way I am and I will keep exercising as long as I can possibly do it. I think exercise is important.
    Glad that you got to get away. You so need to do that or you will go crazy...Sandy

  7. Sounds like you had a fabulous get away Denise! It's so much fun to find a new store.

    I looked at some of the links you gave me. We haven't jumped on the raw food wagon yet. Hubs would die of starvation coz he's a meat and taters man. We're kinda junk food junkies to be honest. But I'm happy you're lovin your new lifestyle.

    How's your hostas doing? I love all those barrels you have to plant in!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. Oh Denise, I am so happy you enjoyed yourself on such a lovely outing. You deserve it and I HIGHLY recommend you going out routinely while taking care of your parents. It is essential. I know it's not always easy but if you find the help, try to give yourself that treat. It does a world of good to your mind and body.

    Thanks for your congrats on my blog award and I do agree there are such special friends throughout Blog Land. You have a lovely day dear friend.

  9. Those snacks sound awesome!! What was the market? Was it the Whole Foods? I thought I recognized the sign...

  10. I'm so proud of you sticking to your new lifestyle. I love this post and the pictures. I would love for you to post pictures of your food. I'm doing Nutrisystem right now. Although I'm not sure what I'm eating, the food is good and I'm losing weight.

  11. Sounds wonderful... very nice of your brother to realize all you do!!

  12. WOW!!!! So wonderful for you and i am glad you had such a wonderful time.....m....

  13. WOW!!!! So wonderful for you and i am glad you had such a wonderful time.....m....

  14. Oh Denise, I would love to have stores like that around here. This is meat country but I don't eat it. I try to stick with ground meat when I need the taste of a good burger, but that's it. The rest is fish. My daughter is a vegatarian, but was a vegan for over 10 years, but finally started eating salmon and other fish. She is so healthy, and I'm proud that she can stick to it. She's a tiny one and will probably remain that way with her diet. Hope you have a wonderful and Blessed Sunday. Love and hugs, Pat

  15. What a wonderful amazing would be so much better if we all had one in our neck of the woods!!!!
    Good for you girl!!!
    Margaret B

  16. I've known many people on the raw food diet. I'm glad you've found something that works for you.
    Glad you got a day out too.

  17. I enjoyed your neat post, Dear. That is wonderful you have lost weight eating that way. Blessings ~

  18. sounds like a GREAT time! I loved the pictures!!!! Wish we had something like THAT!!! :)

  19. I haven't visited Tulsa in a long time. LR AR has a similar market called Beans. I love your blog. Doylene

  20. You have not blogged for a bit either. This getting older is not helping my blogging at all..Guess I have to blame it on something. I just blogged so thought I would visit you...Hope all is okay..


  21. I like the upbeat mood of this post. Loved the photos, too :-)


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