Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Work in Progress and November Rose

I could not help myself so I worked outside today. What a beautiful day. I wanted to at least get the bows on my window wreaths and the lights around the large wreath. So I decided to take pictures of my work in progress and I will take more when I am finished.
I decided to go with white and blue this year. I change colors every other year. This is the first for the blue and white.
This is the large wreath and it will hang in the middle of the brick over by the picture window. It will have white pine cones and blue Christmas balls and it has tiny little blue and white snow flake lights. I put a very LARGE bow on it so it will stand out when I get the rest of the stuff on there.
There are 5 of the smaller window wreaths and they will also have blue balls and white pine cones. No lights. Too much work to put lights on them besides I put a candle in each window below the wreath. The candles this year will be blue......... go figure!

It is hard to tell by these pictures but the white ribbon is translucent plastic with tiny holes. It shines really nice when light hits it. With the icicles on the eves they will sparkle real nice at night.

On the white lattice board out by the mail box I just wired some old Christmas tree branches with the white ribbon laced through it. It will also have pine cones and maybe blue balls, I have not decided yet.

So there is my work in progress and I hope to have it all finished by the weekend and we will wait till after dark and take pictures!


I could not resist cutting this rose. It is one of three left on my climbing Don Juan and it is just perfect. I wish you could see it up close......... It is perfect!

So I have named it my November Rose...........

Actually, we are all a work in progress but you knew that........ and in HIS eyes we too are perfect.

Have a blessed Thursday.....


  1. Such beauty, thanks for sharing.

  2. Golly, I cant wait to see the night time picture, this is very pretty during the day, just imagine the night time!! I usually put my CHRISTmas stuff out the day after Thanksgiving, but since we'll be moving I wont be =(
    You where outside playing, and I was inside playing with boxes and newspaper, I think if I were a rich man, a very, very rich man, (remember that song?) I'd have someone do all this for me!! but then if I did that I wouldn't come across the beautiful memories, like yesterdays...

    Love & big'ol hugs~

  3. Great that you should have some nice weather to get this outside work done. I'll be watching for your pics.

  4. Oh it looks so pretty! God did an amazing thing for Dash, come see.

  5. Oh Denise, this is my first trip into this blogspot as I usually go into Samaritan your rose, love the wreath...shoot, love this blog...

  6. Wow, do you ever have the spirit early! I can't deal with it yet, lol,. But I do admire the creative work of others and yours is so lovely. Enjoy yourself. We're having great weather also.

  7. Your decorations sound lovely...I love the blue and white theme...the November rose is gorgeous!

  8. Looks perfect to me!!! You have done a fantastic job, of course, you rock!
    I love the rose, oh to be able to grow them here!!!
    Margaret B

  9. Beautiful decorations Sweetie. Thanks for sharing with us. Looks like you enjoyed your outdoor work :)

    Love ya.

  10. I enjoyed seeing your decorations, when you finish decorating I hope you share but I think they are pretty just as is. I'm loving this music selection and I love the little snow are inspiring me....hugs, Linda

  11. So good to see you are out and enjoying your Christmas decorating. I'm sure it will be really pretty when finished...I can hardly wait to see. I would say that the November rose is a gift from brighten your day...what a loving God we have.

  12. November rose ... how wonderful.

  13. I love your decorations, and the rose is so beautiful.

  14. You web page looks beautiful!! You have the prettiest decorations on it...Your wreaths are going to be as beautiful too...Thanks for stopping by. I just cannot seem to get everything done any more..My blogging is so so behind plus the bad part is not visiting my friends too..That is awful!! Take care and thanks for stopping by..Sandy

  15. Absolutely stunning Denise!!!! And that rose...I would have done the same as you ---bringing it in to marvel at the beauty of it all...all day long!!!

    I think I'm gonna like the blue and white combination...let me know when you share the 'finished' work!! Okay?

  16. Thanks for stopping over yesterday!

    This is beautiful, Denise - love love the snowflakes falling, my favorite rendition of Joy to the World ever, blue and white is my favorite combination - my "designer tree" is that. Also my wedding was decorated with white flocked trees, blue satin balls and white lights (37 years ago coming up on Dec. 28)

    I can't wait to see the end result, and wish I could get inspired to get going on my decorating - or anything else for that matter! But 20 little busy fingers are really going to wreak havoc on my decorating this year, I fear!

  17. Me again - I forgot two things I was going to say.

    First, the rose - wow, amazing in November. Gorgeous.

    Then also - every blog friend I've visited (9 in all now) has been in a place that I was going anyway and it has worked out that I could arrange a visit. Or two of them have come here for some reason or another. Wonderful serendipity in my life!

  18. Love this post!:-)I love a blue and white or silver theme!:-)Blessings~Sharon

  19. You are so talented. I love these. I am looking forward to seeing them all lit up in the dark.
    Mama Bear

  20. Love Love Love the blue and white!!!
    i agree with Dennis, your primitives will sell sell sell!!! I love your pillow I have, and get many compliments on it:)

  21. Denise, I need you to come up here and decorate my exterior for Christmas. You have such a great flair for decor. From your description, I can visualize what the finished product will look like. Absolutely stunning.

    Your November Rose is beautiful. I am still amazed that my yellow mum is blooming in November.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  22. Looks lovely! :) Very productive time. ;)

  23. How absolutely beautiful! I keep telling myself every year I will decorate but I never do. You are motivating me here! BTW, I love blue and white for Christmas!!!

  24. Can't wait to see the finished fun to decorate!
    Love the rose...what beauty comes from the hand of our Father. \o/
    Love the snow....wanna share where you found it? :) I used to have a site but when my computer was lost.

  25. Thanks for dropping by and heading over ... Happy Thanksgiving to you too~~

  26. Your wreaths are gorgeous and I can well imagine how warm and inviting your home looks like when you're finished decorating! I finished decorating inside and outside yesterday (except for the tree) so it's really looking like Christmas around here:-)

    Such a beautiful rose and I love what you named it, November Rose. Perfect indeed!! Love you my friend. xoxox

  27. The rose is absolutely beautiful!!! And your entire blog is lovely!

    Blessings to you this Thanksgiving, and blessings as you prepare for our Christmas season!


  28. Happy Thanksgiving Denise. I hope you enjoy your day.

  29. Denise, Happy Thankgiving! Have a wonderful day with your family...hugs, Linda

  30. Stopped back by to say I was thinking of you. Love and blessings this thanksgiving season to you and yours.


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