Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I once again slipped back into my old habits with my shop and have found myself too busy with other jobs and I have not accomplished anything that I wanted this past year. Due to the economy I feel "obligated" to help with the finances but my sweet DH keeps telling me to STOP.
The past few weeks the Lord has been re-arranging my life and my time. I am terrible with my time and I have finally given it over to the Lord to fix. So the past few weeks I have been allowing HIM to give me direction, so I have not been on the blog much.

As for my shop, I have finally quit. I tried to do that last year but slipped back into trying to make a little money, but my DH keeps saying that if I will stop and do my primitives that I might be surprised that I will make more money with that than I do in my shop. So I am going to listen to him and close my business AGAIN.

This time I am sending out emails to my customers letting them know that I have disks available to them with their designs and a phone number of the new shop in town. I have finally reached a point that if I do not pursue my dreams and goals for my life now then I will never accomplish them.

I am a work- a- holic and have always been and it is hard for me to shift gears, but the Lord has given me specific instructions as to how to accomplish some things this new year.

I am blessed to be able to care for my aging parents and each day as I walk the short distance from my house to theirs I pray that the Lord continue to give me good health in order to care for them. I see the day and it is approaching far too that they will no longer be here with me and even with the stress of 24/7 care for them I grieve.

It is funny how life will flip flop on you and the very things that I ran from many years ago as a young woman I now find myself running head long into.......... I think that might just be God don't you?

Need to get up and around now and continue the chores that the Lord has put before me as I rearrange my time. I am cleaning out and throwing away. Seems HE has a goal in mind for me and I am headed that way. I will listen for HIS instruction and HIS word will direct my path.

Have peaceful day!


  1. GOD BLESS you for wisely choosing what is best. Isn't it strange how we often have such a hard time doing "the right thing." Oh how we often struggle! Thank you for sharing. May GOD bless and enrich your time with your parents, family, friends, and other goals HE has for you.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea

  2. I love you girl. It is good to follow the heart of design. that design he placed within you. I just got back from the dentist. My head is so bad right now.
    I wish we could have a phone visit soon

  3. Hi Denise ~ I've so missed you...I just haven't had time to get on here when I'm at work...imagine that huh!

    Anyway, you have to do what you feel is right and He is telling you that. I struggle with quitting my crafts too...right now I want to spoil my grandbaby!!!!

    Big hugz,

  4. I love you, praying for you.

  5. You're so right.
    I think you'll find the new plan to your liking. Just give it time.
    I wouldn't wish my parents back to this old world. I know they are in such a better and more wonderful place. But, oh, how I'd love to have a visit with them. Some day.
    Love you, girl.
    Mama Bear

  6. Isn't it terrible how fast we can slip back into old habits?! I'm glad that you finally made the decision to close up your shop for good this time and I have no doubt that you will be much happier without it taking up so much of your time. I know it's very hard to let go when you're a workaholic but sometimes it's the best thing we can do. Sending you big hugs across the miles. xoxo

  7. "It is funny how life will flip flop on you and the very things that I ran from many years ago as a young woman I now find myself running head long into.......... I think that might just be God don't you?"...oh yes...I know what you mean...just keep pressing on.....

  8. Good to meet you Denise - I hope you enjoyed the vid. :) It's really cool! :)
    Yesh - caring for parents is a wonnerful job. I am the only one of four sibs that's able to care for my MOm. It's nice that your Mom and Dad have each other - I hope that helps. My Dad died about 13 years ago and Mom's living with me - it's an adventure. I do have help in about 8 hours a week - couldn't do it without that - just started that recently and it's relieved me of quite alot of stress. God bless you and LOVE the music. :)

  9. What a lovely post. It's amazing what we can hear when we listen to Him. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you'll continue to visit and enter my drawing. I'll look forward to getting to know you better.

    ps. love the post with the video of the young elk in the mud puddle! Too cute!

  10. I LOVE YOU~

    Love & HUGE hugs

  11. I know sometimes it is hard to stick to commitments you have made....so glad your man is backing up those things God has spoken to you.
    What would we do without our men?
    Love you girl!


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