Saturday, November 28, 2009

On To Christmas

Moses loves the Christmas Tree.. Sometimes he get lost up in there and I have to follow the screeches to find him...........

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now on to the task of preparing for Christmas. I am thinking I will do the same thing as I did last year and have Christmas after Christmas day so that other extended family can be here. I would love for Mom to be able to celebrate Christmas again this year with her brother. I will need to be making those plans pretty soon...

BUT.......wanted to share just a couple of Thanksgiving pictures............. did not take many this year but I will take a LOT at Christmas..

Mom and Dad......... Dad was not feeling very well at all on Thanksgiving but he perked up a bit during the chit chat........ He was much better the next day.

This is brother Paul (he would have a fit if he knew I was showing his bald spot) Chris to his right and Alpha across the table. I think that they were solving the troubles of the world... Hope they figure it out....... (Nice view of the tree)

Moses has found a warm spot in the palm of Chris' his hand...... That bird is spoiled rotten......... I think that the troubles of the world have them a bit perplexed, what you say?

Uncle Ed surprised us again this year with his visit. He is the younger brother to Mom. He is 87 and doing really well. He had us in stitches with his stories..... I love it that they get to spend time together over the holidays. He is one of the family members that I want to have over for Christmas.......
He goes to his daughters on Christmas day so I will most likely arrange the days to accommodate him and her ( My cousin Tisha) They came over last year and we had a wonderful time and it was so wonderful to see Mom and Ed together.

There I got a smile out of Dad......... Mom was not on top of her game on Thanksgiving. She has some good days and some not so good, but she had a good time and ate LOTS of food. She has a wonderful appetite. (Now I know where I get it)

That is my sweet hubby and the view is from the living room into the kitchen. He is just my best friend and makes me smile just to look at him..................

This is my sweet DH finishing up the dishes and making coffee....... I have to give credit to my brother PE....... He actually did most of the dishes and Dennis is just putting the last of them up. They are so good to clean the kitchen after our Thanksgiving. That gives me and Alpha time to chat.

Well, that is all the pictures for today . Hope your Thanksgiving was a great as mine. I am blessed that I have Mom and Dad with us again this year, and that Mom and Ed got to spend another holiday together.


  1. Your mom and dad look so sweet! We have Christmas on Christmas eve so our kids don't have to be stressed about going to other parents, etc. No guilt...and everyone is happier that way.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. I love the pictures, glad you enjoyed your thanksgiving.

  3. Great pictures...your dad's big smile is the greatest! Glad your family was able to get together....

  4. Love the pictures ... thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the pictures ... thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing your family pictures, Denise. It's so sweet to see them all together as a family. Moses looks like a beautiful Christmas decoration in your tree. Very fun!

  7. I just LOVE family time....and I enjoyed being part of your Thanksgiving.

  8. What a wonderful visit with you this morning.:)
    It is a real treat that family is together. That tree is so pretty!
    We are ramping up a bit and it also feels like I am slowing down at the same time:)

  9. Moses thinks he's an ornament and doesn't he look great there. I put my tree up yesterday and was trying to remember if I'd had a big one up since I got Smokey. I know I've had a table top tree at least two of those three years. I kept waiting for it to crash to the floor all night. Maybe that is why I didn't sleep. He hasn't bothered the ornaments but has walked around it several times and sat and stared at the lights.
    Looks like everyone had a good time on Thanksgiving.
    Mama Bear

  10. It's so Christmasy here, I love it!!!! Everyone looks so contented and happy, world problems or not!!!!!
    I love the glimpses of the tree, you need to show more!
    I am so silly when it come to Christmas!!!!
    Margaret B

  11. Hi Denise....I loved all your family pictures, your Thanksgiving gathering looks wonderful. Your parents look very dear and I'm glad they had a happy day too.
    Your tree is beautiful and I especially love your little yellow birdie ornament...aka Moses:).
    Dennis is a sweetie, my DH cleans up too and I so appreciate it.

    Hope all is well...hugs, Linda

  12. Denise,

    Oh, this is wonderful. I'm so glad you all such a blessed Thanksgiving. Just love your Christmas tree. Your blog decor is great too.

    Wishing you a great day.

  13. Thanks for sharing those pictures. So nice seeing all the family, esp. your mom and dad.

    And look at Moses! How cute!

  14. Denise,
    This blog of yours is SOOOOooo pretty and Christmasy!! I always go to your other one you know. So I thought I would come to this one tonight. And I am GLAD I did.
    Love the falling snow.
    Good to see and hear what's going on with you and your family.
    Hang in there girl!
    Thanks so much for praying for us.
    be blessed....

  15. How sweet to have everyone together. There is nothing like a Thanksgiving with the house full and everyone enjoying each others company. It was nice to see pictures of your Mom and Dad...I know they must have really enjoyed the day.
    I am looking forward to family coming up after has been so long since the whole family is together. I may even get to see my has been six months.

    I hope ya'll end this year with many incredible blessings.

  16. Moses looks like a Christmas ornament in your tree:-) Oh, Denise, I so enjoyed looking at all the pictures from your Thanksgiving Day and seeing your precious mom & dad. That smile your dad gave you in that one picture is beautiful!! Your tree is gorgeous...I just went to pick up a real one this afternoon and will decorate it tomorrow, can't wait:-) Enjoy this wonderful time of the year my friend. xoxo


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