Sunday, December 11, 2011

Great Day


It was a great day at my house last Saturday.. a great day... I am waiting on my son to send me some pictures. He took all the pictures and I need to remind him to send them to me..

It was a crazy fast day and one that I wish had lasted a bit longer but how it thrilled my heart to have my family together... There were some missing and I hope that next year they will be able to be here.. I have waited for this day for so many years.

There are things that have been lost in all those years apart and I understand that they cannot be retrieved, but I can rejoice in the knowing that me and my son Darryl has been reunited and I know that from this day forward we will not look back at the lost years. It was a joy to my heart to see him sitting around my table laughing and talking with his brother Chris, his uncles Paul and Larry and it was though all time had ceased and life was good. Two of the three grandchildren were there. Blake and Bren. The older grandson had finals this week and he just could not make it, but maybe next year. There were many highlight of the day as you can imagine but there is one that I have to share.....

We were all standing around talking and my grandson Blake called me grand mom. Grand mom.. I have waited many many years to hear that.. It almost made me cry... He is a senior in high school and I have missed his life but never the less, he called me grandma. That was the highlight of the day... You grandmothers out there will understand that...

Things are much slower here now and my sweet husband has been sick with the flu since Wednesday.. We are looking forward to a very quiet Christmas and that is fine. One big get together each year is good enough for me.. I think me and hubby and brother and SIL are going to do some traveling during the Christmas season from now on.. That will be fun...

Well, I wish I had some picture to share but as soon as they are sent to me, I will post them...
Hope all is well and each of you are getting ready to celebrate HIS birth... after all HE is the reason for ALL seasons..


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