Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What a year........

Now we get to add earthquakes to our list of things that have been blasting Oklahoma this year....... Earthquakes......... what a trip that was....... I felt all three of them and the third one just unnerved me. That was three days in a row... Then the NEXT day, strong storms and a violent tornado with flash flooding and baseball size hail across the state. Our weather radio woke us up on Monday night at 12 midnight with flash flood warning. Kinda hard to get away from that as well as an earthquake. Whew! I am ready for a nice quiet winter with some snow and cold snuggling weather. 

We are still so busy painting the outside of the house and my sweet husband has made some beautiful shutters. I will take pictures soon. 

I have decided that for the next couple of months, actually through the winter  I am going to go to the fitness center at the University. They have a wonderful health club and with Dennis being employed there we get a big discount. They have all the machines and treadmills and bikes and weights and people there to help and coach me on the machines.  I have been out here a year and half now alone and it is time for me to get out of this house and get busy with life.  Come the Spring Semister at the college I am thinking of taking a class. Not sure what but maybe something fun like pottery or something serious like Religious Debate. (My husband says that they will kick me out after the first day)  I have strong opinions and I hate the word religion!   hahaha.......... We will see....  I need to get out and about. 

Just watched the debate. I will be glad when they begin to narrow that field down a bit. I know who I would love to see on the ballot and who I think would beat Obama but not sure if he is going to make it to the ticket or not. That is Newt Gingrich. He is very very intelligent and he would give Obama a run for his money in any debate. He has some baggage but he knows what he is talking about and he talks straight regardless of who is listening. I pray about it every day. Hope you are praying also. We need that man out of the office. We cannot afford another 4 years of Obama Nation. I like Herman Cain real well, but I am not sure he will survive this attack.  It is a shame as I think he would make a wonderful president. 

Well not much else going on here. Planning on a nice Thanksgiving with older brother PE and wife Alpha and son Chris and gal  Tara.   I think the 6 of us are going to plan some type of Christmas vacation this year instead of staying here... Not sure but we are talking  Florida maybe. Who knows...  

Hope you gals are all doing well, I miss my blog buddies ..   

Hugs ........


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