Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Me Myself and I and a Vita Mixer

Finally got rain.... a little over 3 inches...Thank you Lord....... It watered the plants and the trees look happy......Now Lord just send a bit more rain and fill up the ponds for the critters and farm animals.......

Trying to figure out my life right now is tough. I change from day to day. Finding out who I am now is something I have never faced. I am coming out of the depression and I find that I have neglected a great many things. One being my health. If anyone out there is reading this and you are a caregiver, remember to take care of your health.

Today I am ordering me a Vita-Mixer. If you do not know much about this, then Google it and read up. It is quite the machine and it will do wonders for my raw food diet that I am struggling with.......... There are a ton of recipes on the internet for raw food so this is going to be a tool to help....... one web site that I just love is 

It has some wonderful ways to regain good health and feed the body good food.  If you get a chance go and take a look around her site. You will enjoy her humor. 

Had a scare the other day with Dennis...... Had to take him to the ER with right arm and leg numbness, bad headache and very high blood pressure. After many tests and one night in the hospital he checked out ok. No idea what was going on but he is now on a low dose blood pressure medicine...... You look at life so much different when health comes into the picture. 

Things at the shop is getting busy and I guess that is ok..... keeps me busy.  Working on the web site and updating my brothers web site and moving it to a new server.  Just stuff going on here, not too much just life.  

I have learned how to make my own fermented veggies and Dennis eats some every day and his acid reflux is gone. The fermented veggies are full of good probiotics.  A lot of people take medicine every day to reduce the acid in their stomach but in fact there is not enough acid in your stomach thus the food is not digesting and it is rotting and causing the reflux.  Anyway, the good probiotics adds back to our system what antibiotics and other medicine has striped away........  Walla !  Now our digestion is working better and no more acid reflux..

There is sooooooooo much information on the internet. Time to be proactive about our own health.  This year I am changing from Mammograms to Thermography.  I have been reading about the difference for over a year now, and this year am making the change.

My sister in law is recovering well and when she is able we (me and Dennis and PE and Alpha) are planning a little road trip, I am looking forward to that.  Then we, the 4 of us and my son Chris is planning a Christmas trip this year instead of a big Christmas dinner.  That should be fun.  
Hope you gals are enjoying the beautiful colors of fall and are you making any plans for the up coming holidays? 



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