Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fun Pictures from July 4th and Fast and Pray for rain...

We have a wonderful time on the 4th. As many of you know, the Lord healed a relationship through the death of my father. My brother Larry and I had not spoken in so many years, years that we cannot get back but we have promised each other to make up for them every day! Anyway, Larry and his wife Marty and PE( older brother) and his wife Alpha, Christopher and his main squeeze Tara and my sweet husband and myself had a wonderful time on the 4th. I invited everyone over for a pool party and a hot dog!

Here are a few pictures!

This picture here is my son Chris and his sweetie hiding  from the down pour under the floatie!   I kept telling them to get out of the pool in case of lightening but you know how far I got with that!

We had no more than got started when it clouded up and it came a rain like the heavens were opening up! Straight down rain!  No one complained and we just waited it out. It only lasted about 15 minutes but that was such a wonderful 15 minutes. It was 6 pm and the temp was 104 and after the rain shower the temp was 90.  Perfect for an evening swim!  The Father God knew what we needed. 

 Is this just not the cutest picture you have ever seen. The rain is coming down in sheets and my sweet husband was standing faithfully at the grill watching those hotdogs!  Look at the water splashes in the pool!  I am going to get this one framed!

This is Chris and Tara again.....it was pouring on them...... seems they were just enjoying their selves! Don't really blame them, it has been so hot!

This shows the water just pouring off the house......... I wish it would rain like that again TODAY!

Bless his heart, he was a real trooper!

Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  they are just too cute!

Is that too cool or what!  Underwater camera, I have got to have one!

Look at that face!  I love that boy!

They had a good day!

                                       I love this one....... May have to frame this one........
Larry, my sweet brother, don't you think he looks like he is having a good time?

Noodle boy!

Noodle hog!  Like she really needs 4 noodles to hold her up!

That big splash is my brother PE....... Show off!

That is PE...... oops, chopped his head off...........  BUT he is having a great time! 

That would be my son Chris...  got to hold his nose......

I love sharing my life and the things that the Father God has blessed me with.  I love my family and just to sit back and watch them enjoying their day made me smile........... The hot dogs and chips were sooooooooooo tasty!  

Girls and guys, pray for rain for Kansas and Oklahoma and Texas.... and any other state that you might know is in drought.  We are expecting temps up to 120 next week..........  We need rain from heaven...... The Father God will answer if we pray.............

This was at 2:00 today..........  going to be hotter tomorrow..........  Time to get serious and fast and pray...

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