Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Year Today

One Year Today

Today is one year since I lost my Dad. After two long weeks in the hospital he slipped away at 4:20 am on July 2nd. 2010  Where in the world did this year go.

I had been by his side for the entire two weeks and if I would leave the room he would begin to call out my name.  My sweet sister in law Alpha told me that even when we thought he had slipped into a coma, he would call out for me.  

The Lord has taught me a great many things this past year and I can tell you that it has been an emotional journey. There were so many things dividing the family and after losing Dad,  it all came crashing in. I have much to share but not just yet......  just a little more time and I will share a journey that the Lord has taken me on. 

 BUT for today..........

  I honor my father  Paul E Walsh. He was a son and a husband. He was a father to 4 children. Paul Edward Walsh Jr, Larry Wayne Walsh, Helen Denise Walsh and Kathryn .  He served his country in WWII and as my older brother stated at the funeral service...... He gave back more than he took.    

He was a giver to a fault and was taken advantage of by many people in his life but as the word of God tells us, it is better to give than receive.  He gave.........

Dad, today even after a year...

I still have  fleeting moments that I need to walk across the yard to check on you and mom. I still wake up in the middle of the night thinking that you need me. There are moments in my day that I want to hurry over and ask you questions about my garden or how to prune my roses. 
Or just to sneak a couple of your Hershey kisses. 
You have been gone one year....... my heart still weeps as though it was just yesterday. They say that as time goes on the pain begins to ease........  I hope so.......

I love you Dad and I so look forward to seeing you again.


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