Saturday, May 2, 2009


  1. I'm here forever!


  2. :D hugs my blogger friend. I am so relieved to know you will still be here.

  3. Thank you Denise....I'm here for take all the time you'll be in a lot of prayers.

  4. Hi Denise...I'm with you...this will be fun and I'm diving in with you. hugs, Linda

  5. Denise - what you spoke on your other blog I am feeling some of. God used you to DELIVER ME THIS DAY from something I was just TRYING TO DO. After traveling for a few days and prior to that running around with family/ministry things etc. I sat down and ATTEMPTED to read all the blogs I read and that read mine and I was so winded!!! GOD SENT ME TO YOURS and I immediately was delivered and realized that it's not for me to try to read every blog because I certainly don't expect that from anyone. I can't sit for several hours and do blogging. I just don't have the time any more. Although I enjoy it and I love the people so I'm having to reduce my time to HEAR GOD and to finish writing the book that He placed in my hands so I will visit with you whenever I can dear one and you enjoy your time with our LORD as I am.

    Thank you for being a vessel that He is flowing through. I love you.

  6. I am here, you are my forever friend.

  7. Blessings on your new fun blog. I'll be here everyday.

  8. I love this is so happy and colorful!! I just read your blog about moving from Mary to a know that was a good one for me to I am not trying to be (patting myself on the back)..i am not that kind of person but after reading that I think that I am slowly going from a long time Martha to a Mary!! You know sometimes, Denise when we get too busy with this life (like I always have been until lately) then the Mary cannot seem to exist. i really loved the way you put yourself out there..You know you can find Mary again..She is there just waiting for you to slow down again..You will..Sandy

  9. Dear sister....looking forward to the words you will share here....

  10. Hi....I've come over from your other blog and will update my references to come visit you.

    I ♥ being with you. And I hope you have some fun with this new blog of yours.

  11. Denise,

    What a lovely place to visit. I'm so glad you are going to use this as a place where we can have fun. Those polka dots remind me of a pair of shoes. :-)

    Love you, my friend.

  12. I'm here!!! I'm so excited about it follow my sister around, God is happy cause all of your sisters are following, just like a little sister following her big sister uh? Thank you Dear Lord for my friend and sister Denise!!!!
    Love to you~

  13. What a fun place to visit. So bright and happy...m.

  14. Looking forward to coming back. We'll all do what we can with this time thing. There will be days when we can't do blogging and that's alright! But there will be days when much will pour forth and we'll all be blessed. Let God lead!

  15. You are right..time of refreshing is here. Be patient...He will start speaking and you will never want it to stop.
    Just be still and KNOW that He is God.

  16. Love this pic. You will be swimming in your pool in no time.

  17. You sure know how to make a SPLASH!!

  18. Just checkin' out the new blog.
    I'll be back often.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Denise.

  19. May your Mother's Day be filled with many special blessings...m.

  20. Happy Mothers Day
    I am home and all is well with my soul and my body too.
    The first Doctor miss diagnosed me...It is not mrsa.
    You held me today...It was a pillow on a rocky day.
    I'll post.

  21. I just read your other blog about finding Mary! That sure did help me!! I have been off line for at least 2 month maybe more I can't remember.
    While I was without a computer, my youngest daughter Kelly who attends a wonder Bible study in a another town( she works with the leader of the Bible study) she asked my other daughter Karen if she could stay with my special needs girl for the next 9 weeks on Monday night. She said yes she could!
    I have been going to the study and we are listing to Beth Moore teaching the book on Esther- It tough being a Woman.
    My oh my has it ever helped me!
    Did I ever need this!!
    I know I can't spend all day blogging....... I have to stay closer to the One I get the strengh from and every thing else I need to get through the day!!
    This will be a fun site to come and vist!! I am so glad you shared your heart! it sure did bless me and help me too!! Love and hugs Grams


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